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Gourmet cooking terms

Literature introduces us to new worlds of language, people, culture and tradition. It gives us a perspective about different experiences in life through the eyes of another person

Choose the option that is closest in meaning to the main word and complete the sentence.

1. Allusions (uh-loo-zhuh n s)-
In his famous speeches, Martin Luther King Junior included plenty of biblical _____.
(a) references (b) conclusions (c) hypotheses

2. Odes (ohds) –
The ____ penned by John Keats are among the greatest achievements of Romantic art.
(a) epics (b) lyrical poems (c) narratives

3. Euphonious (yoo-foh-nee-uh s)-
The students of the yoga class relaxed while listening to the ____ sound of the water flowing over the pebbles.
(a) cacophonous (b) diaphanous (c) melodious

4. Maxim (mak-sim)-
Those who live by the ____ “actions speak louder than words” are more likely to act on their promises rather than merely talk about them.
(a) adage (b) contradiction (c) idiom

5. Aesthetic (es-thet-ik)-
Modern architects emphasize that their designs are influenced more by practicality than by the _____ value their structures add to the city’s skyline.
(a) grotesque (b) beauty (c) monetary


1 . A , 2 . B , 3 . C , 4 . A , 5 . B

Word Pyramid

The clues will help you find the answers to complete the word pyramid. Each answer must contain the previous answer. You may arrange the words with a new letter.
Hint: Start from the top

1. A widely used programming language
2. Abbreviation for Chartered Accountant
3. A part of a circle or any curved line in geometry
4. A common measure of land
5. A symbol to mark the position where something has to be inserted (^)
6. A group of parties or nations formed for a common cause
7. Golden syrup used in cooking is also known as
8. To cut or tear, especially through the skin or flesh
9. Capable of being tracked by searching through evidence
10. A place of worship for a large congregation




Volume 4 Issue 5


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