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wordzoneWords too good to be true
The English language has many strange words that you won’t believe aren’t made up. In fact, some would probably make you think, “Is that really a word?”



Choose the option that is closest in meaning to the main word and complete the sentence.

1. Factotum (fak-toh-tuh-m)
The newly elected mayor hired a ____ to discharge a variety of jobs.
(a) tax planner (b) personal assistant (c) financial analyst

2. Gongoozle (gon-goo-zuh-l)
The tourists couldn’t help but ____ in wonder at the brightly illuminated Eiffel Tower.
(a) peep (b) analyse (c) stare

3. Boondoggle (boon-dog-uh-l)
When the construction of the skyscraper was stalled, many critics labelled the project a costly and ______ that was best abandoned.
(a) unnecessary activity (b) significant undertaking (c) accidental discovery

4. Squabash (skwo-bash)
Many environmentalists _____ the impact human activity has had on marine environment.
(a) praise (b) criticise (c) encourage

5. Pandiculate (pan-dik-yuh-ley-t)
After a good night’s rest, most of us _____ before getting out of bed.
(a) dream (b) complain (c) stretch

1. B, 2. C, 3. A, 4. B, 5. C

Word Pyramid
The clues will help you find the answers to complete the word pyramid. Each answer must contain the previous answer. You may arrange the words with a new letter.
Hint: Start from the top

1. Pronoun used to refer to yourself
2. Information Technology (abbreviation)
3. Attach or bind with a string or cord
4. Restrict the intake of food
5. Pronged (eg. three ____ fork)
6. To plan or have in mind
7. Dense tissue of the tooth under the enamel
8. Worked as an apprentice to gain practical experience
9. Boarded a train
10. Aroused or stimulated
11. Unintentional, unplanned, unwitting



Volume 4 Issue 1


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