Burma Burma, Mumbai (Rs. 750 per person)


Burma Burma Food shot Oh No Khow SueyServing much more than just Khow Suey, the city’s first Burmese restraurant houses a tea room, take-away Khow Suey counter and a merchandise shop compirsing goodies straight from Burma.
CUISINE: Burmese, Asian
FOOD: In a restaurant that has restricted itself to just vegetarian Burmese cuisine, Burma Burma surprises with an extensive menu. The Samusa Thoke or Samosa Salad is a delight and so is the Mandalay Laphet Thoke. Ditch Panthay China Town Noodles, but don’t miss Mohinagar, Burma’s national dish. Other must-try dishes include the Myet Kyaw and the Tofu and Spinach Paukse teamed with Pya Jo Hin. For dessert try the Birds Jelly Nest or the Durian ice-cream which spoils you.
OVERALL: From the décor to the place’s eclectic and delcious cusine, it is hardly a surprise why this place has already become a favourite for many.
Kothari House, Allana Centre Lane, MG Road, Behind Mumbai University, Fort, Mumbai – Jayesh Prashad


Volume 4 Issue 1


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