Words to Impress


Jazz up your vocabulary with new words that you can use in your day-to-day conversation.

A good vocabulary enables you to express yourself confidently, convey your ideas clearly and with flair, and gives you an edge over your peers.


Choose the option that is closest in meaning to the main word and complete the sentence.

1. odoriferous (oh-duh-rif-er-uhs)
Hand in hand, the couple walked down the aisle that was strewn with ____ rose petals.
(a) malodorous (b) aromatic (c) embellished

2. slake (sleyk)
After playing for hours in the heat, the children ran to the lemonade stall to ____ their thirst.
(a) satiate (b) exacerbate (c) regenerate

3. supercilious (soo-per-sil-ee-uhs)
Lily’s ____ attitude soon made her unpopular among her classmates.
(a) haughty (b) humble (c) receptive

4. soporific (sop-uh-rif-ik)
In contrast with the interesting topic, the professor’s tone was _____.
(a) congenial (b) stimulating (c) sleep-inducing

5. jejune (ji-joon)
In spite of all the laboring and brainstorming , the marketing team’s presentation turned
out quite ___.
(a) agile (b) dull (c) exciting

6. copacetic (koh-puh-set-ik)
During the protest, everything seemed ____ until a group of students started pelting
stones at the police.
(a) satisfactory (b) unacceptable (c) arcane

7. schism (siz-uhm)
The proposal to introduce a sex education program in school created a ____ among the parents.
(a) disillusionment (b) rift (c) junction

8. ignominy (ig-nuh-min-ee)
The exposé of the recent scandal ensured the ouster of the minister leaving him to face the ____ that befell him.
(a) limelight (b) respect (c) shame

9. parochial (puh-roh-kee-uhl)
As much as the governor was loved for his pragmatic policies, he was criticised for his ____ attitude towards women.
(a) narrow-minded (b) liberal (c) facetious

10. copious (koh-pee-uhs)
During his holidays, Nick gathered ___ material on unidentified flying objects for his science project.
(a) mediocre (b) scarce (c) abundant

1.B, 2.A, 3.A, 4.C, 5.B,
6.A, 7.B, 8.C, 9.A, 10. C


Volume 2 Issue 11


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