Wintery goodness


Come winter and the order of the day is warm cocoa that is sipped under the covers of a soft blanket. And in the background a guitar plays riffs reminiscent of reveries, whimsies and romance.

Goldpot’s new album Aerogramme carries the band’s trademark light, airy and just-a-pinch-of-good-old-Indian music. It is pleasing enough and makes for an ideal background melody for when you’re reading in a shard of sunlight against a window.

Recommended tracks:

The Border Line

The 88
You might recognise The 88 from their song At least it was here which serves as the opening theme to TV show Community. Their music is just right amount of jaunty without getting too harsh or too angry on the ears, but on the flipside, they can get pretty romantic too.

Recommended tracks:
How good it can be

You belong to me

Fort Atlantic
Fort Atlantic blends folksy tunes with subtle electronic sounds to give classic pop-rock a modern zing. Brilliant for solitary listening and even better to fall asleep to and dream lucidly.

Recommended tracks:
Let your heart hold fast

There is love

Dios Malos
Dios Malos instantly win you over with their layered but perfect guitar riffs. Their melodies are complex, but their music is simple and beautiful. Perfect for falling in love.

Recommended tracks:
You got me all wrong

Starting five

Patrick Park
Patrick Park’s voice has that rare ability to make you happy and sad, dreamy yet melancholic. This is a happy marriage of indie rock and poetry-laced introspection. Just what the doctor ordered for recovering from a break-up.

Recommended tracks:
Here we are

Life is a song

The Beta Band
The Beta Band’s music is fabulous for driving down an empty road, warming you on cold nights and inducing a trance-like state. What else would you expect from a band acclaimed by both Radiohead and Oasis?

Recommended tracks:
Dry the rain

Dr Baker


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