Why Are Indians Gallivanting To Goa And Maldives Amidst The Pandemic?

Goa and Maldives
Photo by Asad Photo Maldives from Pexels

Beach destinations have always had the hearts of everyone. After all, who doesn’t enjoy basking in the warm sun on soft sandy beaches having the company of cool breeze and a view of blue oceans not to forget sipping on fresh juices? Flying off to such serene destinations at any point of time wouldn’t have been much of a big deal, but what is with Indians gallivanting to these destinations, Goa and Maldives to be specific, amidst a very present (and once again rising) pandemic?   

Lately, this is one question that I have found asking myself every time I open my Instagram and watch people showing off their #vacationgoals posts and stories. I am sure you too are asking the very same question. (otherwise, why else would you be here) So what is it that is encouraging these peeps to take trips? Do they have some sort of magic potion that is protecting them from the virus or have they discovered some secretive tactic to steer clear of catching the infection? 

Well, it turns out that they are just being practical and are wise with planning their vacations. How? 

COVID Scenario in these destinations

Goa and Maldives are one of the places with very few COVID-19 infections. Both places are reporting less than 50 cases on a daily basis which makes them safe destinations.  

Goa and Maldives
Photo by Nikhil Jain on Unsplash

COVID Norms and Precautions 

While most of the states and cities in India have conveniently flouted COVID-19 norms, Goa and Maldives happen to follow strict and well-structured rules and regulations to keep the virus from expanding its wings over their territories. Right from boarding the flight to landing, compulsory and proper use of mask, faceshields and PPEs, sanitization and strictly maintaining social distance at airports till the time you reach your destination is followed. In addition to this, one must produce COVID negative test or else they won’t be allowed into these places. Moreover, getting a visa for travelling to the Maldives during COVID times doesn’t involve much hassle.

Easy on the pockets

food in Goa
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Goa and Maldives are two places that ensure maximum luxury at extremely affordable prices. So all the money people have been saving up for a perfect vacation is now being put to good use after a whole year of being locked inside the houses. 

Goa and Maldives guarantee solitude and thus takes care of social distancing

With not many shopping markets, or forts to visit unlike other tourist destinations, Goa and Maldives are mostly about beaches, relaxation, and good food. These are perfect destinations to escape to if you just want to take a break from an otherwise stressful life. Since the resorts are placed way away from each other in these places, they have very little or no crowd which gives every tourist a lot of private space and calm. In COVID times, this kind of social distancing is ideal! 

Further, half of the Bollywood flying off to these places and posting ‘Instagrammy’ pictures has lured most of them into doing the same. Nevertheless, it is important we don’t forget that the dark cloud of the pandemic is still very much upon us and thus we must continue to take care of ourselves and others. 


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