Why Am I Not Feeling Hungry During Summers?

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Usually when we think of any mouth watering dish like chole bhature, pav bhaji or paneer schezwan wrap, we are tempted to quickly order. Then why is it so that the thought of these same foods makes us nauseous during summers? 

It is a question many of us are trying to find answers to. Most of us feel that our appetite is dead and most of us may also end up thinking that we are suffering from some kind of eating disorder. 

There is no reason to worry. Just like during winters, we find ourselves binge eating, during summers, we hardly like to even look at food. It is completely normal. 

Why does this happen though?

There are many researches and studies that list different reasons why summer makes us lose our appetite. 

Firstly, there is a direct connection of the presence of light with hunger. When there is less light the body craves for more food. This is why, during winters when the sunlight is soft and the climate is mostly cloudy, we feel hungry all the time unlike summers. 

Secondly, during summers, our digestive system generates a lot of heat which is one of the reasons why we don’t feel hungry. To reduce the heat, our consumption of water increases more than usual. Further, since during the summers, the body sweats a lot, it also demands a lot of liquid. As a result, most of the time, our stomachs are filled with water and hence there remains no hunger for food. 

What must one do to beat this?

Although it is normal to lose appetite during summers, it is advisable to consume meals from time to time to restore the energy your body requires. You must also consume lots of liquids to keep your body hydrated at all times. Coconut water, Kokum sherbet, Aam Panna, fresh fruit juices like watermelon, muskmelon, mangoes, etc. salads, fruits are foods that you must have during the summer. You must avoid consuming aerated drinks and soda. 

Exercising moderately is one of the ways to keep your appetite intact. When the body tires it demands for food. You can also join water sports like swimming for best results. 

Thus, it is normal to feel less hungry during summers however, you must ensure your body receives the right amount of nutrients and fluids for good health. In extreme cases where you find it nearly impossible to gulp down food during this season, it’s your best nutritionist. 


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