Weaves, Wedges and Wit


You can’t help but love his dramatic designs, his charming smile and his ferocious wit. Anand Bhushan, the award-winning postgraduate from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad and graduate from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi has ample understanding of where fashion and textile has been and where it may be going. His three-year-old label ‘Anand Bhushan’ has been showcasing at the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week, New Delhi every season. Anand’s contribution to fashion doesn’t limit itself to his work – the man has an opinion on just about everything! Here’s a tête-àtête with the man himself:

Was designing clothes always your primary passion?
Absolutely! As a kid, I use to put things together for myself, not to forget the disasters of the 90s à la Madonna’s acid-washed jacket adorned with badges, the MC hammer pants, Elton John’s yellow pants with floral shirt and SRK’s “C.O.O.L” neck chains!

If you weren’t a designer what would you be doing?
Jumping profession to profession finally leading to a crystal meth addiction!

What was it like studying at two very different design schools?
Each of them was different from the other. While NIFT taught me the basic skills to be a fashion designer and groomed me to abide to the madness of the word “Fashion,” NID was more of selfdiscovering process.

The best part of being in fashion?
Fashion acts as a tool to live out a fantasy!

What’s the worst?
Acting out the fantasy can be a nightmare sometimes!

Your most memorable experience in fashion so far?
Every fashion week is memorable considering every designer is such a diva!

Your personal sense of style?
It has recently become “wear anything that fits” *grin*

If you had a magic wand, what would you change about Indian fashion?
Our desperate need to go “global”. In the process, we are just making a fool out of ourselves.

Where has Anand Bhushan Designs travelled so far?
Ever since the label debuted 3 years ago, it is trying to refine its ideology of making fashion creative yet able and continues to cultivate the modern, edgy take on upscale dressing.

A celeb that has been the most fun to dress up?
Sonam Kapoor for sure! She can make a simple organza shirt look like a million bucks!

Future plans for Anand Bhushan Designs?
More madness and more clothes!

Volume 1 Issue 7


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