US Supreme Court Upholds Travel Ban

Trump extends travel ban to North Korea, Venezuela and Chad

Trump’s government was just gaining positive reactions after his meet with North Korean dictator Kim-Jong Un and the government’s efforts to reunite migrant children who were separated from their families. But, the government hit a new low as the US Supreme Court upheld the travel ban on mostly Muslim-dominated countries.

Travellers from Iran, Libya, Syria, Somalia and Yemen will now not be allowed to enter the US. Trump was particularly satisfied with the court’s decision. This comes after the court felt that there was no evidence that the travel ban violated the US Immigration Laws or the US Constitution’s First Amendment which prohibits the government from favouring one religion over the other.

With Trump’s clear policy against Muslims, which he displayed during his campaign for Presidency, it is hard to see how the court came up with that decision. Trump also went onto say that this was a victory for Americans, though most Americans don’t see it that way.

The basic reason for the policy was attributed to security reasons and protection of US citizens against Islamic militants. It also means that Trump can include more countries on the list, which would cause problems for permanent residents of such countries to have their visa renewed and students who actually want to seek higher education in the US to be unable to do so.

The part which causes further indignation is that the most of the federal courts revoked this ban as it was said to be unconstitutional. The only way to overturn the ban would be to challenge the waiver process which allows citizens of the banned countries to get waivers on a case-by-case basis. By proving that the Trump administration wasn’t even admitting travellers who met all the exemption conditions, the ban could become more lenient.


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