Up, Up and Away!


It’s that time of the year again! The summer break is near and everyone’s heading out of town. We thought we’d bring you some of our suggestions for the best travel bags this summer so that you can travel in style and comfort. Here are some things to keep in mind while choosing your travel bag:
Size: If you’ve decided where you’re going and how you’ll get there, then this one should be a no-brainer. Always consider the maximum luggage allowance and cabin baggage size before you pack your things. If you’ll be carrying your luggage up and down stairs, make sure your bags are small and easy to carry.
Safety of your belongings:If you’re carrying important documents or expensive gifts, make sure you have luggage that can’t be broken into easily. If your belongings are fragile, then it would be best to pick a sturdy bag with adequate padding on each side.
Design: There are dozens of designs available on the market. Pick one that suits your build, your personality and your budget.

The Rolling Suitcase
The rolling suitcase is typically synonymous with business or luxury travel. It is effortless and efficient, but don’t rely on them for ruggedness. Drag it up and down a few staircases or over a gravel road and you can say goodbye to those smooth wheels. This bag is designed for an urban setting where the traveller will probably stay in one place.

The Backpack
This one can be quite challenging. Backpacks come in more styles, sizes and designs than most other bags. You need to decide whether you want a daypack or something bigger, an internal or external frame, heavy-duty or lightweight. If you’re travelling on a tight budget and will be staying at student accommodations, hostels or homestays, and moving from place to place often, this bag is the perfect choice for you. Make sure you’re not travelling with any items that need to be protected because the backpack is not designed for that.

Duffel Bag
This bag is ideal for weekend getaways and short trips and is good for people who prefer carry-ons. While you may be asked to check in a backpack or rolling suitcase, that is not the case with duffel bags. The bag fits easily into overhead bins on trains, buses and airplanes because of the lack of a protruding frame. As with the backpack, don’t count on delicate shoes or freshly pressed shirts to come out the same way you put them in.

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