Tremor 2019


The BMS Department of K.P.B. Hinduja College of Commerce (Mumbai) are launching the first season of their annual festival ‘Tremor’ 2019. Being the first time initiative, the enthusiasm is at its and Tremor 2019 is accorded with the theme of ‘Start-ups’. It will highlight the various features of a start-up and even the events are designed in favour of the theme. It will depict a journey from trash to treasure.

It is going be to the epitome projecting how activities are perfectly synchronized and executed. Tremor will ultimately define how the enthusiasm, hard-work, artistry and various other skills of the students will be applied in organising and managing an intercollegiate festival. There will be different kinds of management events in which students can participate and further develop their extensive skills in the nature of that particular event. It will provide a platform for participants all over the city belonging to different colleges to showcase their talents for the wide range of activities conducted and open up possibilities of inculcating new concepts to perform them.

Various interesting game events such as Antique, Minefield, Battle of Gods, Royal Exchange, Managethon and many others will be held. There is also going to be a pageant which will be based not on your charisma, looks or the way you walk on the ramp but instead your managerial skills and personality. A ‘Job Fair’ is also organised which will provide students with the opportunity to apply and get selected for lucrative internships by well-renowned companies. Since it is going to be the first year of this festival being held by the BMS department, extensive care will be taken by the entire team to make sure everything follows the right path.

This festival is going to target the youth of different colleges from within the city for participation. We expect students belonging to the management fraternity to be a part of this festival and help it become a huge success. Be there on 18th and 19th of February at K.P.B. Hinduja College of Commerce. Get ready to experience something new, something different and something worth it.


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