Traits to Take From 7 Globally Recognised Politicians


There are several politicians in the world. But there are just a few who manage to woo their audiences and manage to become a globally recognised face.  All these politicians have some or the other traits that make them different and stand out from their peers. We bring you a list of politicians and their best traits to look up to.

  1. Narendra Modi

From being Gujarat’s Chief Minister to making it on the list Forbes’s top 10 globally powerful people. Narendra Modi has come a long way around.  If there is one trait that makes him a smart politician is his warm body language. It can be very widely observed that PM Modi has a different way of greeting each politician. From long handshakes with leaders like Obama and Trump to the warm hugs, he shared with the ex-British Prime Minister David Cameron and the Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu. Many experts have also decoded PM Modi’s hugs and handshakes as an assurance to establishing better relations with the leaders of a different country. One can also take the trait of being a smart speaker from the Indian Prime Minister. During the campaign of the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Modi managed to primarily woo the hearts of Indians through future empowerment speeches, which had a smart choice of both words and events from the past to attract voters and also to attack the opposition (the ruling Congress government)

  1. Shashi Tharoor

Shashi Tharoor has the word “smart politician” written all over him. The speeches given by him at the United Nations and at the Indian Parliament have been power-packed ones. In all his speeches the man has always made it a point that he leaves behind a strong impression. An impression, that forces people to think on Tharoor direction.  His “Perfect Use of Language” in all his speeches, articles, books and media statements is a trait one can adapt from the Thiruvananthapuram MP.

  1. Justin Trudeau

Apart from being the world’s most attractive Prime Minister; Trudeau has always kept an open mind on various situations. His Open minded decision-taking ability is one of the most remarkable traits to take from the man. When the world feared to take in refugees from ISIS hit Syria and Iraq, The Canadian Prime Minister arrived at Toronto airport with one thing on his mind. He was there to personally welcome 163 refugees arriving from Syria in Canada. At a time when the issue of refuge has never been more divisive, Trudeau opted for open-mindedness over fear.

  1. Barack Obama

Conviction and Perseverance are the two traits one can take in from The ex USA President Barack Obama. The campaign slogan of Obama for the 2008 presidential campaign was “Change we can believe in.” His conviction and belief and what he was conveying to the general public was something remarkable. Barack Obama always believed and advised that if something is right and if you think you are on the right track then you can influence others too and get your message across. This may take some time, but eventually, success is guaranteed.

During his 2 tenures in The White House he took a stand on many issues, like most recently on a UN resolution on Israel-Palestinian conflict, everyone believed that he has a valid point and he is not taking the American people and the world community for granted. He talked with logic and knew his job well in influencing people and other leaders so that his point of view was understandable.

  1. Vladimir Putin

From being a KGB spy to today being the President of Russia, Putin has covered a remarkable mile to reach the position where he is today. Employ effective time management is one of many of Putin’s commendable traits. Along with shouldering enormous Presidential responsibilities, Putin also finds time to enjoy sporting and recreational activities.

  1. Angela Merkel:

From being Germany’s Chancellor to playing a prominent role in the unity of the European Union, Angela Merkel is one strong woman leader. Though not directly responsible for the activities of the EU, Merkel has always played a role from behind. And that is a trait to learn a lot of things from.  Merkel has learned a thing or two from Nelson Mandela, widely acknowledged as a champion of leading from behind, who is to say, viewing leadership as a collective activity.

  1. Atal Bihari Vajpayee

From Politics to poetry, Atal Bihari Vajpayee is globally known for taking value-oriented decisions and actions. He remains the first genuine leader of the opposition, the first truly non-Congress prime minister and also the first prime minister who brought in new legislation to check corruption in politics. He also remains one of the few politicians who tried to create some consensus on a range of electoral and political reforms. He not only focused on the overall development of the country but also worked towards eradicating various social barriers in the country. During his tenure as a Prime Minister, he has taken many bold decisions, which were nationally criticised at the start but were internationally appreciated.  His habit or trait of always taking Value Oriented Decisions and actions is something every upcoming youth and leader should take from him.


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