Toshin (For Two Persons Rs. 400)


CUISINE: Desserts, Bakery
The treats arrived in an elaborately packed box, classy in every sense. The Valentines special, called Scarlet, is a seductive velvety dacquoise slow reduced raspberries, raspberry jellification and tender raspberry mousseline cream. Coupled with it was a green coated melt in the mouth treat with a soft, coconut interior. Their classic European macarons truly evolve the palate, with the Pistachio and Chocolate being a favorite. Among others were the Strawberry with a sweet aftertaste and the coconut flavored one which was the most pleasing. The artisanal chocolates, sourced from the origin are a must have for every choco lover. The coffee filled chocolate left a mark. The best part of the desserts is the limitation on the sweetness which makes you want to scoop up some more without feeling too bad about it.
FAB OR DRAB: Set in a beautiful atmosphere, this patisserie is a definite treat for a sweet-tooth’s soul. Even though it is priced on the steep side, there is a lot this place offers and treats which will not let your tastebuds down, that’s a guarantee. The detailing and creativity, textures and taste, all of this put together, makes this place a must visit. With all the work that goes into the making, Toshin you really are an artist.
ADDRESS: 1st Floor, Above shopper’s stop, Amar Mahal, Chembur, Mumbai. – Pearl Mathias


Volume 5 Issue 8


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