Buying And Selling Of Books Gets A Fun Twist Via These 3 Platforms

Book selling and buying
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Do you love reading books? The smell of rustic pages? The little things about the book reading experience? Are you someone who looks forward to sharing your books with enthusiastic readers? If you said yes to all the above questions, then we have some good news for you.

You can manage your book collection with the help of these three amazing platforms which makes book reading and book trading easier and more fun!


When you are done reading that particular novel or finished using your engineering textbook for the semester, it is time that you make a decision of what to do about it next. Many Indians have this conception that once books are read, they should be sold for scrap. However, only the true book lovers know that it would be unfair to let go of a good novel or an important textbook to a scrap who only values them for their weight.

If this is the case with you, don’t worry, BookMandee has it all planned for you. The platform recognises itself as an all India initiative “to Take Your Old Books to Where They Truly Belong”.

The site provides an option to post your book advertisement for free and help you find your desired book in the right genres. BookMandee makes it super easy for first-time visitors to get their fair book trade started.


Books-by-Weight is not an online platform, rather, it is a book fair that is organised at various places in the city. One can know the dates of the same through google and other sources. The bibliophiles call this place the most sacred place.

Once you enter a room filled with books, you will not come out before an hour or two. The organisers make sure to arrange the books according to the categories so that people can save their time and go through the desired section easily. From religion to comics, from world war struggles to various sex positions, all genres are available for sale. No worries, if you only read Nicholas Sparks’s and Stephan King, they have a good collection of their books too.

Every genre is priced differently, for instance, Academic books are 50rs a kilo, Fictions for 100rs a kilo and Children books 200rs a kilo.


This platform does more than just selling and buying books. It is an interactive platform for all book enthusiasts. The books can be purchased and sold with the help of their app, which is free of cost. One can discuss the book with other users before making a purchase and also read blogs written on different books. It includes options for reading critical reviews and posting an online advertisement.

They have a feature named – QRoom, where book lovers can chat, ask questions, hold polls and share literal knowledge on books. It is specifically created for the Indian audience.

 “BookFlow’s each section has been crafted with love and passion for users like me who search a suitable platform for all kind of ‘Books’ related stuff. Lot more to come”, says Saransh Jain, Founder of the BookFlow in his website.


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