There May be an Asterisk Involved: Not Another Chick Lit – Rs. 299


Another ‘chick lit’ by an Indian author? I was a little sceptical when I picked up There May Be an Asterisk Involved by Vedashree Khambete but as the blurb on the back cover reassured me, it was much more.
The story revolves around Ira Bhat, an overworked copywriter at J. McCarthy, (one of the best advertising agencies in the country) who strives to make it big in her advertising stint while battling against the barmy, bizarre perils and pitfalls of having to deal with “comma obsessed clients, award obsessed bosses, obnoxious marketing executives, high-strung creative types, impossible deadlines, obscure briefs…” While the oh-so mushy romance does eventually blossom, it does not take to the centre-stage of the novel (it is more of a personal diary). The author keeps you glued to the book by her simple way of portraying the eccentricities of what appears to be a glamorous profession aided with a subtle yet sharp touch of humour. The wacky footnotes clarifying jargons used by the ad professionals add to the feel-good reading experience.


Volume 3 Issue 4


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