The Two Faces Of Face Yoga: Should You Or Should You Not Try It

face yoga
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Sleepovers with my best friends are always comforting and therapeutic. It’s the time when I engage in the most stupid as well as the most soul-feeding activities. This time when my girlfriends came over, I noticed one of them fussing about developing a double chin more than usual, constantly looking into the mirror or her phone’s front camera. I also found her doing weird facial expressions standing in front of the mirror quite a few times. That’s when I found out from her that something like Face Yoga or Facial Yoga exists. 

Many celebrities of B-town, as well as Hollywood, have praised this new addition to the current health trends. Fashion and beauty influencers on Instagram too are recommending Face Yoga to their followers. 

But what is it? 

Facial or Face Yoga is yoga for the face. Just like you perform exercises to reduce belly fat or to tone your body, Facial Yoga involves facial exercises that help in shaping and toning your face. If you are reading about this the first time, it might sound stupid, but many dermatologists and beauty experts have spoken about the various benefits that Face Yoga brings to the face. 

Those who have dull skin, wrinkles around their eyes and lips, double chin, puffed eyes and other such facial concerns are give Face Yoga a shot. 

How does it work?

The facial exercises help strengthen and tighten the muscles of the cheeks and overall face. They stimulate the blood flow in the facial regions leading to the healthy production of collagen (a type of protein in the body that helps improve the structure of the skin.) This helps in keeping the development of fine lines and wrinkles at bay.  Face Yoga also helps in restoring your skin’s natural glow and reduces puffiness of the eyes. 

Face Yoga thus is a blessing to your face, but there are a lot of misconceptions about it as well. Although there are surveys that have proved the benefits, there are no strong studies or pieces of evidence that make facial yoga the guaranteed anti-ageing treatment. Sure it delays it but doesn’t put an end to it. Facial Yoga does not make you look younger than your age. It simply helps you to not look exhausted but fresh healthy and rejuvenated. 

There are also many experts that believe that excessive facial yoga can have adverse effects as well. The facial exercises can end up loosening the skin, affect the skin’s elasticity and cause wrinkles and fine lines. This makes it very important to do the right exercises in the right amount. 

Given below are some Instagram accounts to follow to get the right guidance if you choose to give Face Yoga a try:


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