The Top Tech Skills Teens Need to Learn

teen tech skills
Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

Like most parents, you’re likely blown away at how much your child knows about technology already. They often espouse slang and trendy terms you are too embarrassed to ask them to define, and you might find yourself always wondering whether they’re spending too much time online. Teenagers are prone to spending a lot of time in front of a screen, even those whose parents rightfully implement strict boundaries regarding internet usage. But what about their education? 

Learning how to stay safe online is crucial to their wellbeing, but developing tech skills regarding the internet will help them prepare for the future. There won’t be any job in the next 10 years that doesn’t require a basic level of computer literacy. If you want your teen to be a step ahead and truly competent in a digital world, these are the top skills they should learn.

Word Processing and Document Formatting

Any teen can probably write a basic paper in Microsoft Word or Google Docs, but do they know how to format a table of contents, insert data tables, add hyperlinks and more? These skills will be mandatory in college, especially if your child decides to major in a research-heavy discipline like psychology or one of the sciences. In the working world, the ability to put together visually striking documents will help them create a better resume, give better presentations and perform a variety of office tasks other interns or newcomers might not be as skilled at.

Electronic Calendar Management

With good calendar management, your teen could land a job as a virtual assistant, one of the fastest rising jobs among young people right now. This is a job that can be done completely remote and has flexible hours, so they could safely work from home or their dorm while earning a degree. Most companies in every industry now use electronic calendars to schedule appointments, reminders and more. Your teen should know how to use the core software driving today’s schedule management in order to excel in their future. Building this skill now will also help learn better time management, which will make them more independent and disciplined.

Internet Marketing

Skills like HTML coding, social media branding and search engine optimization are the gold standard in today’s workplace. Everyone from pro marketers to graphic designers have to be able to properly advertise and present themselves well online. Your teen can get a head start with all of these skills through completely free programs offered through Codecademy, Google Skillshop and Hubspot Academy.

SEO in particular is a highly valuable skill that will help your teen in the future. Intent SEO, for example, is a type of search engine optimization that’s still up and coming. Intent SEO from Granwehr helps companies match their consumers with valuable content based on their search intention; businesses with this type of optimization continually outrank their top competitors and grow their revenue quickly. Learning it now will allow your child to have a highly employable skill set when they’re applying for jobs.

Database Uses

The cloud is now the norm for storing information, and your teen needs to know how databases work and proper protocol. Your child should learn that databases create an interconnected network of users, so their actions have direct consequences to others. Using a database properly, and practicing good cybersecurity, will help your child perform better in the workplace.


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