5 Tips to Become a Great Leader in a Tech Company

leader in a tech company
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In this fast-paced world of technology, a tech leader should always stay up-to-date with the trends while staying a visionary of the possible shifts technology can bring in the business operation of the company he or she is working in. 

You’ve probably heard and read a lot of guides on becoming an efficient leader in the field of Information Technology (IT). You’ve maybe even considered taking an online certificate in IT leadership to further develop your leadership skills. But what really works best in this industry? Here are the top five (5) tips that an IT leader should practice in order to create a harmonious and outstanding workforce.


Joining an organization where you can exchange ideas and insights with IT experts will not only broaden your network but also stay updated with the current initiatives other firms are working on that could possibly create an impact with your company.

Connecting with a pool of talented and brilliant minds will not only be helpful for you as the leader of an IT team but also boost your confidence and motivation to bring out the best in you and your members. You can also seek professional advice and even have collaboration with these IT professionals which could possibly escalate your career into a whole new level. Nonetheless, networking and continuous learning is the key to leading your team through a prosperous path of success.


Stay open to constructive criticism as there is always room for improvement. Those who are in managerial level sometimes find it hard to accept that not all ideas they have in mind can create a Eureka moment. 

Similar to an app or system that has just been created, for it to work and meet the client’s expectation, you should vigorously search for errors and bugs and possible issues it may face. See constructive criticism or feedback on a positive light – that there’s still a lot more to learn and improve on the currently acquired skills.


A great leader doesn’t focus on the current dilemma their team is facing but instead sees this as an opportunity to resolve an issue. They focus on creating effective objectives and strategies instead of stressing over negative outcomes that didn’t happen yet. And mostly, a leader is goal-oriented that he or she isn’t all over the place and doesn’t have any plans in resolving the matter at hand.


To become a great leader is to accept mistakes and failures committed by your team instead of pointing out fingers who are to be blamed for the unfortunate incident. It speaks a lot about your personality and your capability to handle a team if you can’t own up to the mistakes or provide necessary decisions.


Totally not the least, a great leader is someone who can hone a team through various ways – may it be training, teaching or coaching. An effective leader knows how to connect and maintain a good relationship with his or her team. They have the ability to assess the strengths of their team to turn it into an operative team. They also have the skill to know the weaknesses and areas of improvement of their team to be able to provide the necessary guidance and training

A leader knows that his or her position doesn’t only exist to bark orders, but to create and foster a cooperative and product environment.


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