The Rolling Pin – Mumbai (For Two Persons Rs. 1800)


CUISINE: Bakery, Desserts, Cafe
Croissant - breads

BITES AND BOOZE: If there exists a parallel universe layered with all things sweet and satisfying, The Rolling Pin may just be the portal to it. With messages like ‘The Secret Ingredient is Always Cheese’, ‘Life Happens Chocolate Helps’ and ‘Bake The World a Better Place’ adoring the walls, this cafe definitely aims to please all the dessert and chocolate lovers who walk in through the door. Apart from the delectable cookies and pastries, this all-vegetarian cafe offers some appetizing dishes such as the Slider Platter, Potato Mania, and the house popular Sizzlers which was a clear crowd favourite. You are left spoilt for choice with the assortment of cupcakes and pastries whether you prefer the luscious fresh fruits delight or the sinful and creamy Ferrero Rocher chocolate pastries that set your palate craving for more.
FAB OR DRAB: The Rolling Pin is a delightful little place that you can walk in anytime you feel like a mid-day snack or would happily choose to indulge in chocolate for your soul. The ambience is easy to get with, although the music in the place leans more towards an energetic dance lounge than the traditional sunshine-happy playlists of most quaint cafes.
12, Janta Industrial Estate, Senapat Bapat Road, Lower Parel, Mumbai – Nancy Varghese


Volume 4 Issue 11


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