The Rise Of Co-working Spaces In India

co-working space

Ten years back, if you decided to start your own small-scale business, your basic need would include having a personal office space, good marketing skills, and networking. With the revolution in technology, coming up of social media and frequent interaction with the western countries, the way and needs for working in India have changed.

Today, with the changing interests of the youth and sky-rocketing price of the real estate, people are more skeptical about investing in work space. Rather, people are more willing to invest in their online sales and promotion.

For most of the start-ups, their main agenda is to grow and establish themselves. Instead of investing in office space they prefer working from home and having meetings at eateries or coffee shops. In the era of start-ups, where people are discussing business over coffee, Starbucks coined the term ‘third space’ for coffee shops, first two spaces being home and office.

As the business grows, millennials are looking for a space with minimum investment and maximum profit. That’s where the co-working space comes in.

A co-working space is an open office space with a mix of shared and reserved desks, where people from different professionals work under the same roof. Over the years co-working spaces have become a hot topic and has seen the phenomenal growth. People with spacious commercial property are renovating and transforming it into a co-working space.

Thanks to easy accessibility and easy renting, co-working space has become the breeding ground for all the youth entrepreneurs and freelancers. You can rent a desk or a cabin as per your convenience of one week, one month or even one year.

Having professionals from different walks of life working under the same roof, co-working spaces have become like a real-life LinkedIn, where you can interact, share ideas and assist with people from different and similar professions.

Here’s some of  the reasons why you should opt for a co-working space

  1. Easy and affordable: securing a desk or a cabin at a co-working space doesn’t require too much of paperwork. And you can secure the rent for the number of days, weeks or months you want.
  2. Social space: Having professionals from different paths gives you an opportunity to interact and discuss your ideas with like-minded people, and in some cases you might get professional advice as well.
  3. Casual space away from home: While working from home for more than two days makes you lazy, a co-work space provides office-like feel and liberties just like home. In most of the co-working spaces, you can walk in at the middle of the night in your PJs.
  4. Educational opportunities and events: Most of the renowned co-working spaces in India conducts various events and workshops that help you to grow your business in more effective way.
  5. Build a community: Most of the people walk into co-work office for space, but later they end up being a part of a larger community who are there to make a difference not only in their business field but also amongst the working community.
  6. Save and share your investment: While working at co-workspace, you tend to save lot of money which otherwise you would be investing in buying the enmities for your personal office. Rather you are sharing enmities like electricity, coffee machine and WiFi.


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