The Big Bang Bar & Cafe, Mumbai (For Two Persons Rs – 1300)


CUISINE: North Indian, Mexican, Italian, Continental
Orange Taquila infused prawns
Nestled in the middle of one of the busiest streets of Mumbai, The Big Bang Bar & Cafe boasts of a groovy pop track list, and even more importantly, a very perceptive chef. Understanding the need for cheap desi food after a night of drinking, she has come up with 2 A.M Cheese Pav, an absolutely sensational rendition of Masala Pav, which fits in perfectly with your post-drinking hunger pangs. The Chilli Chicken Deux was a flawless composition, tingling our tastebuds with the yin and the yang while the Batata Wada Sizzler was an absolute crowd-pleaser. The arduous effort put into their Long Island Ice Teas was evident, resulting in a fantastic cocktail. Pair it up with Oriental Peanuts for a fun night of drinks and party.
FAB OR DRAB: With a bird’s eye view to the bustling Linking Road of Bandra, Mumbai, this lounge proves to be an amazing drunken oasis in the middle of the city. With a chill ambience, fabulous drinks and lust-worthy food options, TBBB&C definitely rose high on our Fab list.

3rd Floor, Kenilworth Building, Off Linking Road, Linking Road, Bandra, Mumbai – Madhura Sansare


Volume 5 Issue 4


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