Restaurant Review: Galloping To Wake Cup Coffee and Eatery

Wake Cup Coffee and Eatery
Th Gold Digger and The Silver Spoon

It has been a long day and all you want to do is have a cup of hot brewing coffee and a real filling sandwich to go with it, or you just feel like chilling with your friends with a cool drink and french fries on the side. Well then, head over to Wake Cup Coffee and Eatery. 

Our beloved Mumbai has added one more eatery to its long list of other supremely cool eateries where Einstein and Mona Lisa are seen sipping coffee. Wake Cup Coffee is the first of its kind to have been set up in India, with its first flagship store located in Phoenix Mills at Lower Parel. 

Wake Cup Coffee and Eatery
The Silver Spoon

Wake Cup Coffee and Eatery really stands out because of the one drink that is served exclusively here. It is the taro latte, which is named The Silver Spoon because of the edible glitter that is sprinkled on the foam of the drink. This hot drink, made from an Indonesian vegetable-derived powder, is a perfect choice to soothe your mind. With a very subtle taste of vanilla, this latte is a must you make your taste buds dance.

Wake Cup Coffee and Eatery
Paneer Makhni Sandwich

Coupled with this, you have to try their lip smacking Paneer Makhani Sandwich. It is a classic combination of soft paneer, spicy makhani gravy, a fresh layer of lettuce placed between bread buns, attractively garnished with baby tomatoes and coriander. With hot fries and ketchup on the side, this is a combination you just cannot miss.

Honey Chilli Garlic Potato

Now, what if we tell you that the place also serves honey and sliced potatoes. Don’t worry, this combination might sound weird, but is really not. Plus, if you love chinese, you will definitely love this one. Wake Cup Coffee and Eatery’s Honey Chilli Garlic Potato will make you go ‘Yumm’. Sufficiently tossed with our all time favourites chinese sauces, garlic, bell peppers, and honey, these sliced potatoes give you a sweet-spicy punch. It’s one heck of a dish you are sure to relish. It is not just delicious but also filling. 

Brownie Bazooka Shake

Now what kind of a light meal is it that doesn’t end with something sweet. Yes! We are hinting you towards a shake. You have to try Wake Cup Coffee and Eatery’s Brownie Bazooka Shake. Not too chocolatey and not too plain, this chilled shake is filled with the goodness of a cream, crumbled brownies, chocolate milk and sprinkled with chocolate chips. To add to it, it’s also topped with a waffle and chocolate waffy stick.

Not just was the food served, finger-licking good, but its ambience was also top notch. With pleasant and our all-time favourite music playing in the background, the place was dimmed with pretty yellow lights and quirky interiors, setting each customer’s mood at peace.

A complete heads up to this place, you must head to the Wake Cup Coffee and Eatery right now! So what are you waiting for? 


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