Satisfy Your Belly With Some Delicious Food At The New Aloha-All Day Cafe

aloha cafe

We go to numerous places looking for healthy food that’s also delectable but this combination is so rare that we often fail in finding an eatery that offers both. Now search no more because we have found the perfect place for you- the all-new Aloha All Day Cafe. 

The cafe is located in Juhu, Mumbai. It offers a variety of food options for you right from snacks to desserts. If you are bored of the regular paneer chilly, roti sabji and fried rice, head to Aloha because you are sure to savour the absolute delight you will be served here. 

The place is especially known for serving salads and healthy smoothies which not just soothe your digestive systems but are also scrumptious. Their mixed green salad couped with a smoothie of your choice is a great lunch option if you wish to go light for a day. 

Almond Cherry Smoothie Bowl

If you are a health freak but want to ditch healthy food for a day and give in to your cravings, then one grilled pepper and mushroom pizza (veg) or BBQ chicken pizza (non-veg) is the best choice. Their pizza crust is thin, soft and well-baked topped with the right amount of veggies and perfectly melted cheese. 

If the intake of bread doesn’t appeal to you, you can also give their Pasta Aglio e Olio a try. It’s not greasy, or cheesy. Rather it’s simply garnished with garlic and is cooked with a base of red chilli flakes. If you are a lover of spicy food you have to try this, if not, I’d suggest it’s safe to stay away. 

aloha all day cafe
Spaghetti Aglio e Olio

Aloha is also a great place to stop by for breakfast before heading to work. You can have an Avocado Toast With Poached Eggs and hot coffee to go with it. Tofu Scramble with iced tea is also a good combination to have for breakfast. 

Black Bean Eggs Benedict
Aloha cafe
Avocado Eggs Benedict

A special dish that is worth trying is the mouthwatering Roasted Onion, Jalapeno, and Goat Cheese Tartlets which serves three canapes loaded with a filling of roasted onion and jalapeno. Its taste is sweetish spicy. If you plan on ordering a heavy meal, this dish is a good start. 

Aloha cafe
Roasted Onion, Jalapeño And Goat Cheese Tartlets

Apart from the lip-smacking savoring food, the ambience is absolutely cool, pretty and equally sassy. You can sit back with ease, and listen to good music while you enjoy your food. As a cherry on the cake, this place is also very very instagrammy, so make sure you don’t step out of the cafe without clicking a picture for your Instagram story.


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