Tejas Express – The Luxury Train

Tejas Express

The new Mumbai to Goa train is a luxury train that was recently launched, it was the dream project of Mr. Suresh Prabhu, the current Railway Minister. Tejas Express travels at the speed of 130 km/hour and can go faster as well up to 200 km/hour

There are automatic doors in this express. The express train happens to have fourteen cars that seat 72 passengers each. The Tejas Express has LED energy efficient lights in the interior coaches. It also offers free Wi-Fi to its respective passengers. The biggest attraction is the 9 inches infotainment screen sized LCDs have been placed in this express trainto give information as well as for entertainment purpose. In keeping with the time they have installed USB Chargers as well.

The executive chair cars are even more comfortable. They include armrests, headrests that can be adjusted as per your comfort needs and leg support too just like a business class seat on an airplane.

The Tejas Express is visually challenged friendly as it has Braille displays. Also, the toilets feature the latest amenities including a liquid soap dispenser. You can also have a hand wash or face wash without touching any taps to turn up the water due to the sensor taps and sensor hand dryers too. Moreover there are water level indicators inside the toilets apart from bio- vacuum toilets. This ensures that there is no water wastage as it only requires 1.5 liters of water for each flush.

The other onboard train journey facilities will include – tea / coffee vending/ soup machines, hot water boiler dispenser, heating chamber, refrigerator box, chilling unit and magazines.

There is a different cuisine served on the train apart from the snacks. The Tejas Express includes an attendant call button at each berth similar to the ones in an airplane.

Finally, there is advanced fire detection / response system so if there is smoke rising above a level the train stops for safety reasons. These are the different things that make Tejas Express India’s most luxurious, modern and safest train.

There may soon be another routes added. One is between Delhi and Chandigarh. The other is between Surat and Mumbai. We hope you are all planning to get a ride this summer vacation on India’s latest luxurious train in the country.


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