Tame Your Subconscious Mind Wisely For A Better You

Subconscious Mind
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The subconscious mind is part of our mind that works beyond our conscious levels. It plays a vital role in shaping our thoughts, actions, and experiences. According to one of the common theoretical models in psychology, there are three levels of the mind. The conscious mind being first, refers to the thoughts, perceptions, and mental processes that we are aware of. It is part of the brain which is involved completely in rational thinking, logical analysis, and decision making, basically engagement during our day hours. Then comes our subconscious mind, a preconscious that is not in awareness, a mind that contains memories, beliefs, and experiences just underneath the conscious level. Finally comes our unconscious mind, which contains thoughts, memories, and desires that are beyond any of the mentioned levels of mind, we are not aware of it and can have an impact on our thoughts and behaviours. The unconscious mind could be associated with instinctual drives, repressed minds, and unresolved conflicts.

Scientists say that whatever thoughts, opinions, and beliefs we impose on our subconscious mind are manifested into circumstances. Whatever consciously we experience is stored in them, organised in the form of beliefs, values, and past experiences shaping our perception, behaviour, and attitudes. It has a direct impact on our emotions and habit formation. The repetition of certain behaviours in our life could become ingrained into the subconscious mind making it a habit. Intuitive and creative thinking by creating new ideas and insights could be achieved. The deep convictions that we make to which we cannot logically reason and urge to love or save others’ lives are coming from our subconscious mind and talk to our urges, intuition, and ideas.

Think about what you want to achieve, and imagine it coming to full fruition, with all your infinite intelligence and infinite power of the mind. Visualise your idea, and see it vividly from the mind’s eye as it happened in real life. This process of thinking makes impressions in the mind making a manifestation and turning them into facts of our real life and this is called the visualisation technique. The highest degree of the subconscious mind occurs before sleep and right after awakening from sleep. We can make use of it wisely. For example, if we want to get rid of a habit that has been with us for years. slip into your sleepy mode before going to bed or right after you awake, speak up that the habit has to stop like a lullaby slowly, quietly, and lovably for five to ten minutes.

The affirmation will reinforce the positive beliefs within us, which is achieved by repeating positive sentences for example “I am capable of achieving great things” or anything that we want to achieve in our life may be a goal. The affirmation will empower our subconscious mind. Repeat these affirmations regularly, daily with conviction and belief which will reprogram them and align them with positive results and joyful life. They act as a recording machine, which is capable of reproducing our thoughts. Think good for others. A hateful thought could be a mental poison. The thought for others will pass on our experience someday.  Jealousy and cruel thinking are recorded as negative motivations and could be a problem to the mindset.

Personal healing power is always the best, which can be achieved by the subconscious mind. Begin to incorporate these simple techniques into life and embrace their miracle-working powers to smooth daily affairs, business problems, and quick decision-making. When minds think correctly and deposited on the subconscious minds constructively,  magic powers and results are witnessed with harmonious conditions.   According to the experiments conducted by psychologists, the subconscious mind is incapable of comparing thoughts. it cannot differentiate between a negative and a positive thought hence whatever is fed is repetitively fed through the conscious mind. Hence it is important to select the thoughts, ideas, and premises right.  They cannot argue with us whatever thought we give them they take it. We have the power to choose. choose health, happiness, operative, joyous, and friendly the world will love and respond to you. This is better to build a beautiful personality and a beautiful you.


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