Taliban Attacks US Embassy In Kabul Minutes Before 9/11 Anniversary

US Embassy
Image Credits: Today In History

It’s been 18 years today since two passenger airplanes crashed into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. This is one of the worst terror attacks to take place in America. The memories of this attack came gushing to the surface after the media reported of blasts at the US Embassy in Kabul, at midnight, just minutes before the 9/11 anniversary.

About an hour after the rocket exploded at the US Embassy, the officials announced an ‘all-clear’ situation and confirmed no injuries. No personnel was harmed in the building. This attack has been the first major attack in the capital of Afghanistan since the US President, Donald Trump abruptly ended talks between US and Taliban (military organization of Afghanistan) over the weekend.

US Embassy
Image Credits: US Morning

About two weeks back, another attack in Kabul had taken place wherein several civilians were injured and killed. Two members of the NATO mission too were killed. Trump reacted on this calling the US-Taliban talks ‘dead’. Sources state that this might have triggered the Taliban to cause the attack on the US Embassy.

It is unfortunate and sad that an attack takes place at the US Embassy the same day on which the 9/11 Twin Tower attack took place. 

The Twin Tower attack took place in 2001 and was planned and executed by al Qaeda (militant Sunni Islamist multi-national organization). On this day, four American planes which flew from different airports were hijacked by the militants. Two out of these four crashed into the Twin Towers. This crash created havoc for 42 long minutes and reduced the building to a heap of debris. The intensity of the attack was such that it caused the surrounding buildings in the world trade centre to collapse.

Around 3000 casualties were reported and 6000 were injured. The Twin Tower attack was the first terror attack that occurred in the US. Its impact was such that it had not just affected America but had shaken the entire world. It is, to date, considered as the deadliest attack in the modern world.


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