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Switzerland, one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, is also branded as among the best places in the world for education. It offers an international study experience like no other attracting more than 55,000* international students every year. With studies** showing a significant growth in the number of Indian students going abroad for education, there is a growing trend for a degree from top foreign universities in India. To provide insights and information on the excellence in Swiss education, Swiss Learning, a prominent educational body managed by the Heads of Swiss Educational Institutes, hosted a session on the various factors and benefits of studying in Switzerland.

Switzerland is known for providing high-quality and varied education system in a secure and peaceful, multilingual and multicultural learning environment. These qualities appeal to parents in India and around the world making it an ideal place to send their children for international education. The diversity of schools and universities and full academic programs on offer ensure that the student’s final qualifications open academic and professional doors throughout the world. Several universities in Switzerland have received attention for its placements programs.

The good quality of life, excellent infrastructure and political and economic stability are also additional factors that make Switzerland a great place to study. Furthermore, the geographical advantage located right in the heart of Europe, encourages families to send their children to study in Switzerland.

Aside from Switzerland’s safety and world class academics and infrastructure, students also get the chance to enjoy a wide variety of sports, cultural extravaganzas, foods and heritage sites. Swiss Learning schools offer students a wide range of extracurricular activities such as tennis, mountain climbing, rafting etc. to evening entertainment activities to city and countryside excursions.

Speaking on the excellence of Swiss education, Christophe X. Clivaz, Director, Swiss Learning said, “Switzerland is a country that prides itself in offering first class education through its pre- and post university studies and in being the leader in scientific research. These qualities ensure that pupils are equipped to confront the present day challenges and opportunities of globalisation.” Speaking further on factors that make Switzerland an ideal place for education he said, “Being assured of your child’s safety when studying abroad is paramount to any parent. When it comes to security of students, there is no better place than Switzerland. Additionally, while Switzerland offers a range of examinations renowned throughout the world, it is the headquarters for International Baccalaureate (IB), a premier educational program that is gaining tremendous popularity in India.”

 *Source – Federal Office of Statistics

**2012 study called “Indian student mobility to selected European countries: An overview” conducted by researchers at IIM Bangalore

(L-R) Dr. Charles Skipper,Mrs Eva Ghewij,Dr. Iris Guery,Christophe X. Clivaz,Mr. Rudy Alpers,Mr. Mark Silverstein

The session also had representatives from reputed Swiss schools who shared insights into the excellence in Swiss Learning. They included Dr. Charles Skipper Headmaster of TASIS, Mr. Mark Silverstein Director of Marketing of Aiglon College, Dr. Iris Guery Head of Admissions and Marketing of Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz, Mr. Rudy Alpers School Representative of Institut auf dem Rosenberg and Mrs Eva Ghewij Director of Admissions and Marketing of Collège Beau Soleil. Children from several prominent and successful families in India have studied at these schools.

 While Switzerland is home to some of the world’s best-ranked academic institutions, the fee is significantly lower than many of its European counterparts. In addition, the Swiss government and universities offer multiple scholarship opportunities which have proved beneficial to a large number of students to date.

In Swiss education, no one nationality is a dominant majority. Friendship is the major currency and fluency in more than one language is highly encouraged in Switzerland. From the Swiss Boarding Schools to Swiss Universities to the Swiss Summer Camps and Swiss Hotel schools, all of them share a drive for quality in teaching and research, an ambition for excellence, the flexibility to cater to a multitude of demands and the foresight to anticipate future requirements and challenges. All these factors result in Switzerland being ranked among the best places in the world for education today.

About Swiss Learning:

Swiss Learning was founded in 2006 by a group of Swiss boarding school owners. Its mission is to present secondary, university and professional establishments that can guarantee the Excellence of Swiss Education. It also works on maintaining the link between the alumni students and Switzerland. Swiss Learning is also strongly supported by the Swiss authorities.

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