Sunny's, Bangalore (Rs. 900 per person)


With an extensive menu, indoor and outdoors seating and delicious food, Sunny’s is perfect for a family dinner, business lunch or even a lazy Sunday brunch.
CUISINE: Japanese, Thai, Singaporean, Chinese, Italian, German, Russian
FOOD AND DRINKS: Enjoy freshly baked bread with herbed butter while you wait for your food. Appetisers include cream cheese smoked salmon rolls and Vietnamese vegetarian summer rolls, accompanied by a sweet chili dipping sauce. For mains, pick from the never-ending pasta menu. If pasta is not your scene, try the breast of chicken saltimbocca with prosciutto and goat cheese, or the grilled German sausage with French fries. With a never-ending dessert menu, it is hard to pick one. We recommend the chocolate orange walnut torte, frozen tri chocolate mousse and Sunny’s special desert, the heavenly sticky and sweet baklava.
OVERALL IMPRESSION: Make the most of your meal at Sunny’s and bring your dog along too, as Sunny’s is pet friendly and will even make any food that your animal friend wants to eat!
34, Embassy Diamante, Vittal Mallya Road, Lavelle
Road, Bangalore
– Amrita Puri


Volume 3 Issue 8


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