From An Aspiring Actor To A Successful Actor… Start Your Journey At The Right Place


Being an Actor comes with all its perks – travel, great clothes, popularity, glamour etc. – but it is not the world’s easiest job for sure. There’s a ton of expectations to live up to, an image to maintain and some tough competition to keep up with. Every performance you give is judged seriously and can decide your future prospective options and unfortunately, there’s not room for everyone. Not all Actors are born with unique talent, sometimes, it takes a certain amount of training and guidance to bring out this uniqueness. This is where acting schools come into play -.they have all the resources and professional expertise required to hone you into the actor you aspire to be. The Roshan Taneja School of Acting offers you no less.

Awarded Best Acting School in India for 3 years by Brands Academy, The Roshan Taneja School of Acting will give you just the right launch-pad you need into one of the world’s most competitive industries. It was founded by Roshan Taneja, former Head of the Acting Department and the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune, and the pioneer of Method Acting in India. He has taught generations of Film and TV actors for decades now, and has personalities like Anil Kapoor, Aamir Khan, Rani Mukherjee, Juhi Chawala, and Sonam Kapoor under his wing.

The School offers a 4-month diploma course for those wanting to make it big, as well as for those who’ve established their footing in the industry. During this comprehensive course, you will learn the all the nuances of the craft, and this course has been designed keeping in mind the latest trends and requirements of the industry. You will also be exposed to the bad practices and clichés that are often observed in amateur actors, and you’ll be given to do exercises to help you avoid employing these conventional tactics in your professional career.

Students will also be taught a number of acting exercises, voice and diction exercises, movement, as well as dance, action under some of the best names in the business. Acting exercises will be used as show reels for producers, and for analytical purposes. The end of your course will leave you feeling equipped with all the necessary skills to take on and excel in this challenging industry. And if you’re still unsure about pursuing this course, let some of the biggest names in the industry do the talking.

“ I have met very few teachers who have inspired me. It was Taneja Saheb who opened my mind as an actor and taught me the importance of tenderness, kindness and patience apart from everything else he gave me as an Actor”, says Bollywood legend Nasseruddin Shah. Mithun Chakraborthy connotes, “His way of explaining things was so precise that if you really listened to him, there is no way you could misfire.” Stars like Rani Mukherjee, Ranbir Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor can also testify to the effectiveness of the training they’ve had under Mr. Taneja.

Whether you’re still waiting for that big break, or you’re a professional looking for something even bigger, your stint at The Roshan Taneja School of Acting is just the right start that will place you on the map. The techniques and methodology you learn here are unmatched anywhere else, and with an acting legend such as Roshan Taneja as your mentor, it couldn’t get any better.


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