The Start-Up Feat. Start-Ups – October 2015


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In conversation with Kashyap Swaroop CEO of Lowfundwala, a team of professionals offering to create beautiful content for any start-up that wishes to get a kick-start in their venture

Can you give us a brief idea of how Lowfundwala works?
Lowfundwala is the creative-cumproduction agency wing of Tilt Shift Media LLP. We’re a team of advertising professionals, comics, engineers, psychologists, animators, designers and poets. While our core team comprises of around ten folks, it’s our floating crowd-sourced resource pool of talent, comprising of nearly a hundred artists, that keeps our work fresh. Crowdsourcing of talent and ideas is the future of advertising. Not only is it economical, but also effective and highly collaborative. Since folks from different spheres of life collaborate on each project, our projects remain unique and fresh every single time.
How do you ensure that Lowfundwala stands out amongst all the already existing ventures in the industry? One of the things that really sets us apart from the crowd is that we’re naive and not scared of burning our fingers, not because of a lack of experience, but because we’re unafraid of failure. We’re like a bunch of mad scientists, coming up with crazy ideas every single day, guided by one single vision: To disrupt the way advertising is done in India right now.

What are the criteria you use to decide the start-ups that you want to make videos for?
1. What sector are they focused on? Is the idea new and innovative?
2. What’s the current press on the start-up? Positive?
3. How are the founders? Are they cool? Are they interested in working with us for our quality and innovation or because we’re relatively more affordable?
4. And last, but perhaps most importantly, are they funded? Can they afford our services?

What tips would you give to start ups for creating their own videos?
For a good video, here’s what a startup should do:
1. Keep it simple. Really try to understand what it is that you want to achieve. Sometimes, the simplest videos, often shot on miniscule budgets, are the ones with the greatest impact.
2. In case you’re on a really tight budget, try to execute the video on your own. Approach an agency for consultation on the script, maybe. But don’t waste your time trying to get something executed by an agency on a shoe string budget if the vision is ambitious. Instead, do it yourself. When you do have a budget for a video, approach agencies that have created content that is impressive, create a clear brief and step aside. They’ll do the rest.

How big is your team?
Currently, we’re a team of ten.

If you were to describe Lowfundwala in one phrase, what would it be?
Lowfundwala is what happens when a crowd thinks for a brand.

If you were to describe Start Ups in India in one word, what would it be?


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