Simple Hacks To Get Started With Learning A New Language

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Learning or even listening to a new language is always too much fun. Learning a new speech could be the most satisfying hobby you could ever pursue. It offers a lot of exciting variety on your plate which includes being able to talk effectively with new people, sounding smart, being introduced to discover new music and films and also greatly propels your prospect of getting a new job.

With over 6000 languages to choose from, one must smartly select their options. This selection highly depends on what your ultimate goal is. Are you interested in traveling to a new palace? Or are you looking to study abroad? Are you interested in the country’s culture? Or music?

Once you highlight your own reasons to learn a language the process of selecting would become easy. But even if you are still undecided, the options below might get you the right language.

Easiest Languages :

  1. Spanish
  2. Portuguese
  3. French
  4. Italian
  5. German

Languages for Business : 

  1. Mandarin (Chinese)
  2. Arabic
  3. Japanese
  4. German
  5. Spanish

Interesting Indian Languages :

  1. Prakrit
  2. Sanskrit
  3. Pali
  4. Urdu

Now that you have a language in mind that you want to learn, start with the below-mentioned tips. The given tips will guide you securely over the tides of the new language sea.


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The first thing most learners do is to jump straight to words and phrases. While totally skipping over the most important part of the language. That is its sound. By starting with pronunciation you will have a more secure foundation to build your vocabulary on. Save your future self trouble and start pronouncing ‘Descartes as Deh-carht and not as Des-Kar-tes’.

Focus on Basic words and sentences

Once your pronunciation is clear, start learning key sentences and words. According to research one needs roughly 3,000 words to hold a conversation in a foreign language. Start learning the ‘High-Frequency Word Lists’ that are available in your target language.

Go for the Grammar

Now that you know a sufficient amount of words and small phrases, it is time to upgrade your language level. At this stage you need to start actively learning the grammatical pattern of the language. But don’t stress just yet. Since you now know many words, learning grammar would just help you string your words in a coherent pattern.

Try Speaking out loud

Image Credits: Pexels

Many learners get stuck in the rut of vocabulary and grammar. It is very crucial for you to get out of the rabbit hole and actually use the language yourself. Try talking to yourself in your shower or talk to your pet. Try writing a short story or journaling. Just make a goal of expressing yourself in your target language.

Enjoy the learning process

The one tip that every polyglot or hyperpolyglot has for beginners is to ENJOY. Once the language becomes fun, you would be able to grasp more of it. Try and make your learning process fun as much as you can. Watch a movie or listen to songs. Try and make new friends or read books in your language. 

Learning a new language is a long and arduous journey. It takes time and patience to maneuver your brain and tongue into learning a new speech. But at the end of the day learning a new speech opens you to a new culture. To a new way of life. A brilliant Chinese expression says, “To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world.”  


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