Road House Bluez, Mumbai


Cuisine: Cocktails, finger food

Bites and booze: For all the cocktail lovers, try their version of the Cranberry Long Island Ice Tea, which brings about the tasty flavors of cranberry blended really well into the alcoholic mixed drink. And for a different twist, go for the Kokum Mojito. Kokum juice is an appetizing coolant and is delicately flavored with Mojito mix, which makes this cocktail deliciously refreshing. As for the finger food, do not miss out on the Calamari Mushroom, which, at the first bite, is a burst of rich pepper. If you crave sea food, try their Prawns in Oyster Garlic Sauce – well cooked, brilliant indulgent prawns. Next, dig into their Kheema Paav, minced meat at its best, and for those who crave pork and can hardly manage to get some in the city, you might want to try their Churrios Pav. Vegetarians should surely try the Vegetable Hakka, an authentic Chinese dish.

Fab or drab: An absolute must try, especially for their loud, enthusiastic Karaoke nights on Thursday and Sunday nights. The crowd is young and vibrant, the music includes all kinds of rock, the ambience is comfy, and the food is good. We especially love the little trays of popcorn they serve before the food arrives.

Road House Bluez, Ground floor, Tokyo House, J B Road, Andheri West, Mumbai

Cost for two: Rs 1600 only



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