Rising Star – Sujit Meher – January 2014


Sujit Meher is an alumnus of National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore, having dropped out from an engineering college previously. At the age of 22, he started his own fashion label called Tilottama and wants to bring back the culture of Indian handlooms by infusing it with modern fashion trends

Why leave engineering for design?
I was always interested in fashion but my parents enrolled me in engineering. Two years into engineering college, I was given an opportunity to stage a fashion show. I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to know more about the fashion world and started researching. I applied to NIFT without informing my parents and passed the entrance exam. I am grateful that they supported me after that.

Your goal as a designer
To popularise Indian art and design all over the globe

Your personal inspiration
My grandfather

Three designers you look up to
I believe designers shouldn’t follow others. I believe in making my own footprints.

Your greatest achievement
Some people in my hometown read a report in the newspaper about me and asked my father, “Do you know this guy, Sujit Meher? He is from our town.” My father proudly replied, “He is my son.” That was my greatest achievement.

Your brand Tilottama is about…
Design for cause. The brand aims to reintroduce real Indian art and design to the current generation in order to salvage our forgotten culture.

Culture for you is…
My identity and my pride

Your dream come true would be
The day Tilottama reaches every corner of the globe

Your favourite personal design
I haven’t reached my own satisfaction level yet.

Advice for young designers
Don’t let anything kill your dream. Don’t let anything take away your individuality. If you want something done, get it done at any cost. Make the projects and designs that you really want to.

A celebrity you would like to design for
None really. I would rather design for the common man.

A fashion faux pas young people should avoid
The changing attitude of inferiority towards our Indian handloom attire disappoints me. I understand the typical Indian handloom cloth has a lot of limitations but the same fabric can be used to make trendy modern clothes. That’s what I am aiming to achieve.

Your fashion prediction for 2014
Minimal fashion with natural fabric clothing


Volume 3 Issue 7



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