Resurfx- A Lunch Time Treatment



With ever-growing stress, bad lifestyle and even with the normal ageing, we face many skin irregularities such as wrinkles, blemishes, uneven tone, acne scars. In todays world where 90% of people have social appearances and interactions as part of their job, as well as other social gatherings; they need to know how to combat these irregularities.

These days, your face is the face of your status and thus along with the branded shoes and apparel, todays youth is required to have sparkling skin and a flawless complexion. Cosmetology is a leading industry with an amazing set of cosmetic procedures in their hands which require a few minutes to give you flawless skin. These procedures are known as ‘Lunch Time’ procedures. These cosmetic treatments are not just limited to gel facials, microdermabrasion, peels etc. but are very high-end laser based techniques where a skillful mind is required to operate as per your skin requirements and type.

One of the most recent advancements, ResurFX ™ by Lumenis, (which was only to be used for deep scars earlier) is being used as a ‘Lunch Time’ procedure for an instant glow to the skin, with absolute no down-time, and off course helps in permanent repair of the skin where it is damaged with pores, acne scars traumatic scars, etc. It enhances the blood circulation and in turn, helps in building collagen and rejuvenating the skin.

ResurFX is a very exclusive laser where it uses its beam to penetrate the dermis, heats up the tissue and then initiates the process of formation of new collagen. The process involves the creation of zones of micro thermal injury that initiate process of skin healing leading on to collagen shrinkage,  which would give minimal erythema , redness and no downtime, and in turn gives the patient’s skin a glow. This technique directs a short, concentrated pulsating beam of light at irregular skin surface, precisely removing the skin layer by layer.

The ideal candidate for this treatment is just anybody who wants a fresh, glowing visage. Age is no bar for this treatment. We still select our patients with care; some very enthusiastic patients are little over expectant and this is where we have to guide them properly that we can only improve the appearances and cannot create a plastic face.

Post care includes the use of sunscreen regularly, and daily moisturisation is also important with a good diet and plenty of water in- take. Vitamin –C serum is also included, as per prescription.

For better effect , a sitting once in a month is recommended.

One should get these treatments under a laser specialist / under the supervision of a dermatologists. Though these are lunch time treatments and hardly takes not more than 30 minutes, they are very critical and crucial procedures. So don’t get these things done just after you get to hear it from some body or by just seeing some body good results. Take counselling and then proceed.

-By Dr. Rohit Bansal (MBBS, DVD)

(Views expressed are personal)



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