Restaurant Review: Quattro – A Mexican-Italian Sophisticated Extravaganza

Restaurant Review: Quattro – A Mexican-Italian sophisticated extravaganza

Tucked away on the busy streets of Lower Parel, Mumbai, Quattro serves up a mean Mexican-Italian fare that is worthy of the ‘housefull’ kind of crowd it sees almost every day. No, you won’t be greeted by a loud Mariachi band, or an animated Italian chef tossing a pizza, strewn across the walls. Instead, you’ll be met with the sophistication of fine dining, and molecular gastronomy marvels that just take the ambience a notch further.

The kitchen’s intoxicating aromas and the incredibly hospitable staff set the right mood for our sojourn, which we kick-started with a Mexican fondue, to be relished with their in-house Mexican cornbread. While the cheese was delicious, it wasn’t the melt-y goodness that we’d expect from a fondue. However, this was solely due to a technical error observed while heating the fondue, and the chef personally assured us that this never happens.

Next up was the Nacho Fries, a modern spin on a Mexican classic that replaced the Nacho chips with fries, served with your usually fresh veggies and cheese toppings with a guacamole and sour cream accompaniment. It tasted every bit as heavenly as it sounds, and our squeaky clean plate was proof of that!

Next up was some sizzlin’ sizzlers. We tried a Grilled Mexican vegetarian sizzler, with Mexican rice, beans, veggies, and a spicy Ranchero sauce. If you’re someone who relishes Indian food, you’re certainly going to love his one, as it has plenty of spices and the sauce ties the whole dish together.  We also savoured a Spinach Ravioli sizzler, which spinach rice, spinach ravioli sizzler with Alfredo sauce. A sizzler that’s truly hard to beat, we relished every bit of it, especially the pillow-y soft ravioli that we could take a whole plate of!

Our meal was accompanied by a Berry Mojito, Melon Cooler, and Passion fruit Margherita. Our favourite was the Margherita, which was light and refreshing, perfect for this time of the year. We capped our meal off with a Chocolate Brownie Cage, a delectable, gooey chocolate brownie enclosed in a chocolate ‘cage’.

Even if you’re someone who doesn’t give vegetarian food a second glance, Quattro’s menu is completely hard to miss. When you’re looking for some quiet, or to just pipe down after a hard day’s work, Quattro will certainly come to your rescue. And you’ll find that their ever-friendly staff is always around to cater to your every need.


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