20 year-old Ankit Kashyap gets a stylish international look after Sumit Malkotia, stylist and academy trainer at B-blunt, Delhi gives him a cool makeover.

1. Ankit’s hair is first shampooed by the stylist. The shampoo used soothes and softens the dry texture of his hair. This gives it more volume and a sheen.






2. Next, Ankit is ready for a crop cut. The sides of his hair are cut very close to the scalp, but the top portion of the hair isn’t cropped. This creates a bold look.








3. It is ensured that the hair on top is not trimmed much and kept in line at all times. This contrast in hair lengths enhances his cheekbones and jaw line.









4. Finally, a L’oreal pitch dark bluish-black colour is applied to the hair. The colour chosen isn’t a bright blue, but a tint of blue merged in black that suits Ankit’s complexion. Post this makeover, Ankit emerges as a bold and confident person.






“My new, strong look makes me feel more confident. I must say I am looking handsome. Thanks to B-blunt for transforming my looks in this way. Now I can impress many girls..haha”

Sumit Malkotia, Stylist and Academy Trainer,
B-BLUNT DELHI “Ankit has emerged with an informal look. This look is bright and suits a guy, surpassing all the dullness.”

STYLIST TIP “A professional needs to be crystal clear with the basics in hairstyling to obtain the best results in advanced hairstyling.”


Volume 2 Issue 4


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