You Might Be Getting Quiet Fired. These Signs Will Help You Know

quiet firing
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If your boss is being too easy on you these days, there is something fishy going on. You shouldn’t be happy about it. It should worry you! Especially in times when companies are mass-firing employees, if your boss is choosing to neglect your mistakes or even the work you are doing, you might just be next in line. This is a trend which is being observed in workplaces globally and is commonly called quiet firing

Quiet firing is not a management practice employers use, but it’s more like a set of tactics used that push employees to resign. Quiet firing involves building a hostile or undesirable work environment for the employees that causes them to willingly quit their jobs. Employers practice this when they don’t know how to and on what basis to fire a particular employee. Yes, it is an unethical and unhealthy practice but unfortunately a common one.

So what are the signs that indicate you are being quite fired? 

Your key responsibilities or work is being assigned to some other employee. 

You are often assigned work which even an amateur having no adequate knowledge or experience can do. 

Demoting you to a job profile you are overqualified for. 

You are being denied promotions/new opportunities/salary increment/other additional perks, for years despite being deserving. 

Your faults or errors are being ignored without any reprimands. 

Unreasonable pay cuts. 

Worsening work environment.

Your boss has suddenly become unavailable even after you express your intent to discuss matters of importance. 

Your emails, messages and other forms of communication are ignored.  

Can you avoid quiet firing? 

Yes and no. If your company is adamant on reducing the workforce, it’s tough to avoid quiet firing as you won’t be alone to take the heat of that. Few of your colleagues too, will face similar issues.

Nevertheless, here are a few things you can try to save yourself: 

Ask for feedback. Even if your boss has been unavailable to attend to your concerns, drop an email asking for a meeting. You could say something like, “I have noticed that I am being underutilized at the office these days. I wish to make a difference and contribute in helping the firm to achieve its target. Could we please schedule a meeting to discuss my performance and provide me some constructive feedback on the same.” This will show that your job really matters to you and you are willing to make changes. 

Improve your performance. Try to exceed the bare minimum expectations your co-workers and employers have from you when it comes to your performance and work ethics. Show that you belong. 

Further, you must build and maintain cordial relationships with your colleagues. This way, even if your job is at risk, your co-workers can stand up for you and speak against your firing. 

Lastly, start looking for other job opportunities if worse comes to worst and you get fired. You must always have a back up plan. 


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