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Dharmendra Mishra is an aspiring politician from Mumbai who is a part of Yuva Sena, political party Shiv Sena’s youth wing. He tells Youth Inc about his political work and aspirations

I plan on becoming a politician because…
For me, politics has everything to do with the state and affairs of the government. It affects our day-to-day life. People choose to complain about it, I choose to be a part of it and bring out a positive change. The goal of politics is to develop constructive change for society and to provide a service to the  community. This is what I aim to do.

I am a part of Yuva Sena
I was always inspired by the ideology of Balasaheb Thackeray who was honest and stood by his words. As I always wanted to be a part of politics, I decided to work under the leadership of Aditya Thackeray who is working for youth and their development through the Yuva Sena which is the youth wing of the Shiv Sena. The goal of the Yuva Sena is to speed up the development process which I agree with wholeheartedly.

North Indian in Maharashtra
My janmabhoomi (place of birth) and karmabhoomi (place of work) is Maharashtra. It is my prime responsibility and duty to work for the people of Maharashtra. Even though my surname is north Indian, I am very much the son of this soil, like every other Maharashtrian. People may think there would be a clash of ideas in the party but the very fact that I am part of Yuva Sena should make it evident enough that there is no such problem.

Yuva Sena responsibilities
As a member of Yuva Sena, I have been assigned the responsibility of establishing student units in every college in Mumbai. These units deal with student grievances concerning canteen facilities, sanitation, library, fee structure, college gymkhanas and other such matters. I have also been assigned an additional responsibility of being a Lok Sabha observer of South Mumbai.

My aim in politics
Presently, I am a sainik (soldier) and a worker at the grassroots level of politics. I wish to carry on with my social service work and will continue to serve the people of my country. For me, posts do not matter. To be a sainik is a post in itself for me. The work I enjoy the most is motivating the youth to stand up for their rights, have them take responsibility as young adults and encourage them to contribute to the country.

My initiatives
* I brought the irregularities and non-compliance of Section 4 of Right to Information (RTI) Act by college authorities to the attention of the State Information Commission (SIC). College authorities are required to provide information to the public at regular intervals through various means of communications, including internet. Every college is expected to display an information board outside the college and update their websites regularly. The SIC has passed an order directing Mumbai University and all 600 affiliated colleges to strictly adhere to the laws.
* I have filed RTI claims in many colleges in Mumbai requesting the public disclosure of the utilisation of grants received from the University Grants Commission and State Government.
* Due to our initiative and continuous efforts, a grant of Rs. 1 crore for development was given to Government Law College.
* We have exposed many irregularities in the railways. People who were indulging in corrupt activities have been held accountable.
* We were the first to help late Preeti Rathi, the Mumbai acid attack victim. We made sure she was provided proper medical facilities and accommodation for her family through the support of Shiv Sena Member of Parliament Mr Anil Desai.

Challenges of getting established in politics
Every field has its own challenges. I have established my identity in politics by taking every challenge head on. Every task that I have completed was a challenge for me to achieve because I come from a family with no prior political background.

My motivation
I believe in the message of the Bhagvad Gita – Karam karte raho, phal ki icha maat karo (Keep doing your work, do not expect anything in return).






Qualities to become a politician
Interest, dedication, passion, honesty and love for your country

Politicians and education
There are all kinds of people in politics. There are people without degree qualifications but there is nothing wrong with that because they are very experienced and qualified in their work. However, I do think more educated people need to enter politics.

Advice for aspiring politicians
Firstly, understand that politics is an essential part of any government and politicians are the law makers and administrators of any country. If you think you have a bit of a spark in you, I would advise you to come forward and get involved in social issues. However, keep in mind, love for the motherland is very essential. You can only be protective of the one you love. Be patriotic!


Volume 3 Issue 10


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