The Ye Ole Dating Game

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Looking back or looking forward, there are certain types of people you are sure to have a romantic inclination to at some point in time. Pearl Mathias brings you some easy, some hard to forget people you will date in your 20’s


I’m talking about the hottest person in the squad. The ones who look like they’ve got it all. The perfect hair, shoes, clothes and attitude as well. They’re loved by everyone and those who don’t like them, secretly want to be them. You can’t help but fall for them, even if it’s for a really brief period of time. They’re cute, charming and extremely bad for your heart and mind; because rarely does anything fruitful come out of such a crush, or if your lucky, relationship. However, they’ll be fun to hang around, you’ll be introduced to some really fun friends of theirs and you might even get to attend the cool parties. There’s one in a hundred chance that there’s a future with this kind of person, so they won’t really go beyond your college years. But in class, they’ll be all you think about and you’ll catch yourself dreaming of being alongside them in multiple scenarios. What you need to know is that this person is mere eye candy. They’re the ones who have the innate capability of making you smile with just a moving glance. On some really crappy days, that is all you’ll need. Even though this may not culminate in a relationship, there’s a high chance you’ve already dreamed out a superficial future with this hottie.


They’re smart, they’re funny, they’re ambitious; in short, they’re everything you would want someone to be. They can crack you up in an instant and in your heart of hearts, you know that it can’t get any better than this. Yet, there will be this nagging feeling at the back of your mind indicating that something is amiss. What could be wrong with something so right, you ask. Well nothing really, apart from your underlying instinct signalling you that something better lies ahead. Although there’s no harm in enjoying his relationship while it lasts, you might feel a tad bit bad about leading them on. These relationships often start off well and are long-lived. You really get to know each other and you love every moment with them. The feeling of ‘it can’t get better than this’ is common in such a scenario. You might also end up getting overly attached and that’s alright because these kind of people will never let you down. You can also count on them to never hurt or betray you; they’re few but they’re true. You will often end up being friends with this person even after you’ll have gone your separate way.


You know they’re bad for you, but it only makes you want them more. They’re seldom available for you, they make you chase after them; they’re stubborn, needy and pretty much a narcissist. All your friends will warn you about them, but nothing will deter your feelings for this one. You will sit up nights on end crying about what they’ve done, but come morning and you go running back into their arms. You can’t figure out what it is about them that makes you want them so bad; is it a certain charisma they exude or you just like the way they treat you. Their pattern of coming and going may appeal to some while others get hooked onto it. But whatever it is they’re upto, we’re ever willing to take them back despite it all. It’s the one relationship where you bare it all only to realize later how naïve you were. Anyway, you will suffer inevitable heartbreak but get over it eventually in good time.


We all know that one person who just cannot seem to move on completely. They’re so fixed on their past that they easily overlook what’s in front of them; even if it’s the best thing to ever happen to them. They’re the ignorant type and if you’ve been with them, I’m just glad you’re done with it. Sure we want to know about our partner’s ex and how things went down. But you definitely cannot (should not) bear listening to someone you like talk about someone they like. The sad part about this relationship is that there is actually a chance to make this work, however, they just don’t seem to get it. You try so hard to replace that ex but it’s all in vain. You just can’t get over the fact that they can’t get over someone. This kind of relationship is totally worthless and you will realize earlier on that it’s going nowhere. You will still keep going at it with all you’ve got and when you’re exhausted, you will be left fanning their ego.


Then there’s this one person with whom everything seems so good and real at the same, you can hardly believe it’s true. So much so that you’ll not end up dating just so that things remain uncomplicated. They could be your best friend, your soul mate even, but neither of you’ll dare to take it a step further lest you’ll lose this special something. You don’t think about them all the time, but your mind will wander over to them when you’re in the middle of a beautiful day and something quirky strikes you. You won’t want to tell them about the happenings of the day, but they are your 2 a.m. buddy. Nothing serious ever turned out for you’ll but they’re here to stay. More often than not, you’ll won’t be in touch anymore but you’ll wonder what they’re doing in a random moment in time. You’ll always, always be clueless about why it didn’t work out and how would it have evolved even if it did. Although things do turn out for the better for both of you’ll, this relationship will be etched as a question in your mind for a while.


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