Peace In City


Google says “Peace is a colloquialism that refers to a state of being mentally or spiritually at peace, with enough knowledge and understanding to keep oneself strong in the face of discord or stress.” With such a complicated statement confusing his mind, Basit Parker takes a journey all through the city, trying to find some meaning to the concept of peace in the city.

“For any mother in the world, seeing her child jumping with joy is the most peaceful essence to her soul”, quotes Misses Thara Nair. For this four year old Ishaan, the tunes of Lungi Dance initiate his every little bone to a twist and turn performance. Watching a child swaying with smile is an experience that can lit up a light of peace in any body’s heart.

For this six year old school going kid, peace has a complete new definition. His little bike is what his life is all about. For him peace is all about waking up in the morning and hearing his engines go vroom vroom. “Every night before going to bed, I sit with my bikes and talk to them. I can’t tell you how beautiful the conversation is,” said Master Raheesh Khatri.

After meeting Sana Shaikh, I realized peace has so many various forms. For this Automobile Engineer, her definition of peace is the smooth unruffled sound of an engine which she hears after every little piece is placed to perfection.
“I love that moment, when you are on a long car ride and everything around you. You are focused on that one thing, you are content, and everything seems so peaceful,” is what this exceptionally distinct feminine had to say.

When I met Binoy Bhatt, I remembered a quote that I once read. It said, ‘Mind is like water. When agitated, it is difficult to see what lies beneath. When settled, the answers come to surface and the purpose of life becomes clear.’ “I see to that after an interval of at least 15-20 days, I remove some time from my busy Life and go out for a small weekend. I search for places with a water source. A dip in water refreshes me and brings content to my heart. I can’t define it to you in words how peaceful I feel from inside.”

There’s something to be said about the peace that you can achieve from helping others. For this young woman, its all about combining her love for children with her passion for helping those in need. And what better than volunteering to achieve that?
If you have never had the pleasure of volunteering for a cause in your life, take heed. There’s something revolutionary about it. And it is sure to change who you are as a person. So go help other people. Sure they’re the ones in need of it, but what you gain out of volunteering is far more gratifying than what you give them.


Volume 5 Issue 6


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