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YI has plugged the gap for a worthwhile publication for today’s youth which we now realise existed. Hence, it has actually created a place for itself for our youth, the largest percentage of the Indian population. It offers information on current national and international affairs, on careers, education, new and emerging options, and focuses on contemporary themes and issues. In YI , not only can you read about entertainment, celebrities, travel, food and restaurants, the magazine showcases achievements of youth (Indian and international), gives them a voice, and also offers a platform for those aspiring to such levels. Advice, information and guidance on education and careers in India and abroad based on queries of readers finds a prominent place in the monthly.
YI provides insightful writeups on different professions and professionals across diverse fields, both conventional, and unconventional. There are balanced discussions on themes and issues which affect youth in the context of their education, careers, fashion, food, sports, entertainment, etc. YI provides information on programmes and institutions in different countries with enough leads for follow up for the keen or curious. You also get to know about weekend hangouts, the best restaurants, new gizmos, books, games, eco-friendly spaces, and brush up your vocabulary (wordzone).

Career and Education Consultant

Jayanti Ghose is a career and education consultant. She holds an honours degree in Economics and a degree in Education. Her research in career counselling and guidance spans more than 25 years. She pioneered the concept of career counselling and career writing in the print media. She is actively involved in personal and group counselling.

Youth Incorporated magazine is like a breath of fresh air! It is great because each and every issue is really beautifully and thoughtfully presented. Besides, the layout is clean and smart as well. The magazine makes for an easy read too. More importantly, the magazine is filled with tons of useful and handy information to read. It’s a perfect companion for students who are looking out for informed choices in today’s information overloaded age.
For a magazine that is aimed at the youth of today, it is indeed a tough task to tread a thin line between entertaining and informing. Youth Incorporated does both of these things wonderfully, and that too, month after month.
Even though (sadly), I can no longer count myself among the youth (I am still young at heart though!), I really look forward to flipping through my copy of the Youth Incorporated magazine every month. My congratulations and kudos go out to the entire Youth Incorporated team on completing a year. May you go from strength to strength.

Career Guidance Counsellor
Zubin Malhotra, a management graduate and journalist by training, is a professional career counsellor. Zubin is an alumnus of IIM Kozhikode where he majored in Marketing and Finance. His interests span from education, business & management, media & publishing to marketing, and information technology. Zubin is based in New Delhi and graduated with honours from Delhi University.

Congratulations to the Youth Incorporated team! In my opinion ‘Youth Incorporated’ as a magazine for the youth, embodies the spirit of today’s generation. It is global, informed and focussed. I wish you all the best for the next year, which I am sure will be even more successful.

A renowned dermatologist, Dr Malavika Kohli has made her mark in aesthetic dermatology in India. With over 15 years of experience in the field of Aesthetic Dermatology, she is the Director of Skin Secrets, which is a Cometolgy Centre of excellence in Mumbai. She routinely consults, counsels and performs microdermabrasion, Botox, fillers, chemical peels and other aesthetic procedures. She has also been one of the first to introduce Mesotherapy and Lipolysis in the country. Further, a trainer par excellence, Dr Malavika Kohli is frequently sought to conduct and train workshops on aesthetic  procedures.

I am absolutely delighted and extend my hearty greetings and warm congratulations on your first anniversary. In any era, able guidance for the young generation is of primary importance and is a moral responsibility that the preceding generation must not shirk. It is not an easy task by any means and needs a lot of fine balancing as there is a thin line between providing information and imposing it. I am happy to note that Youth Incorporated has skilfully managed to do just that by striking the right kind of balance, which is much needed in today’s fast-paced and lowpatience times. YI has also successfully filled in the existing vacuum with career-oriented information for the youth of today by making its credible presence felt over a year since its launch. Effective parenting now has one indispensable ally in the print media! I wish Youth Incorporated all the very best in the years to come.

Astrologer, Numerologer and Aura Reader
An internationally renowned celebrity astrologer, numerologer and aura reader, as well as a television and media personality, Ajay Rai Madan has appeared on leading national and international print media and television networks.

Youth Inc’s columnists answer reader queries ranging from study in India, study abroad to skincare and astrology. Post your queries on youthincmag.com

Volume 2 Issue 1



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