Orange Alert


The orange bag:
An orange purse or neon satchel can be worn with Jodhpuris, pleated pants, denim shorts or a maxi dress. Carry it in a cross-body fashion for a casual day or on your shoulder for a brunch or evening event.

Tangerine blouse:
A soft, delicate blouse in silk or satin fits the basic requirement in every wardrobe. Wear it with denim pants, skirts, harem and pleated styles or a lovely flowing skirt. Pick a blouse with ruffles and a high collar if you’re tall or puffed sleeves for a petite frame.

Hot amber heels:
Neon peep-toes or closed toe heels work perfectly on all kinds of silhouettes and hemlines. It is also the best way to add height and a pop of colour with ultimate comfort. Pair with contrast colours like blue, green and purple for maximum effect.

Statement piece:
An oversized cuff or neckpiece is the ideal way to dress up any ensemble instantly. Try a choker style in beads, crochet or rhinestones or a long necklace to appear taller and slimmer. A thick cuff makes a great accompaniment for a maxi dress or a dressy shirt.

Volume 1 Issue 3


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