Opening Night (Rs. – 250)



Author: Diksha Basu
The lure of Bollywood to American-born Naiya Kapur is such that she moves to Mumbai to explore the lights and glamour of the film industry. The publishers seem to sell this point as the USP of the book – finally, an American desi who is not looking to ‘discover’ herself or meet Mr Right, though she might do so anyway along the way. She’s just looking for fun and glamour in the ‘New India’ and become a star, ala Katrina Kaif. Still, that annoying American streak of superiority and disdain is so hard to silence, and the protagonist seems to thrive on killing the reader’s patience with her narcissistic views. Staying with two flatmates in hip Bandra, vivacious and experimental Jess and fellow expat Jay, she explores the seedy underbelly of Bollywood while looking for her big break. In the meanwhile, why sit idle – after all, she also needs a Salman to launch her into the big time. She hob nobs with the party circuit in the city and goes for plays at Prithivi. At a book launch, she meets Jay, an ex-model turned producer, who drags her further into the big bad world of sex, drugs and drama. Will Naiya naively continue to look for her big ‘Opening Night’ or will the realities of the city finally open her eyes? Do you really want to find out?!

Volume 1 Issue 9


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