Off- Beat Education – Not For The Herd Mentality


Education has always been a big subject in India. From prestigious national universities to small town educational academic institutions, India is slowly becoming a global education hub. However, hardly a few people are aware of the fact that there are many unconventional, offbeat courses which are offered in India in various institutions over and above the regular sought after courses. They are known as vocational courses. These courses narrow down a specific stream and thus concentrate on specialization on that topic. They are traditionally non-academic and totally related to a specific trade, occupation or vocation.

Vocational courses are designed in such a way that they impart knowledge and learning through application based study. Until a few years back, these courses were looked down upon by the majority but with the rise in demand for skilled professionals, the popularity of such courses has risen. Also, the advantage is that they are learned in a shorter period of time and cost less that the degree or diploma courses. Vocational courses are available for the career fields, including health care, computer technology, office management and more. In fact, the current Government launched the 1st Skill India Development Mission (NSDM) on 15 July 2015. Also launched on the day was the National Policy for Skill Development & Entrepreneurship which encourages and enables the students to pursue these programs.

Let us take a look at the 5 most sought after vocational courses currently which many students opt for. We have also listed down the famous Indian institutions where one can find the crème de la crème of the particular course.

1) Catering Management

Catering management is popular with those with immense love for food. This course is perfect for anyone who wishes to make a career out of catering. A degree in catering management would ensure a job with a major eatery or one can even start their own catering business.

Where to pursue: –

– Indian Institute of Hotel Management(IHM -Pan India)

-Christ University, Hyderabad

2) Hospitality and Tourism

By far, and hands down the most popular vocational course to have ever existed, a bachelor’s degree in hospitality and tourism ensures guaranteed success and satisfaction for anyone who wishes to enter the tourism industry. The field of tourism goes on till the masters as well as PhD levels and many international universities too offer education in this field.

Where to pursue: –

– Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition, Mumbai

-Kohinoor International Management Institute, Pune

3) Photography

Photography is one of the most popular hobbies amongst youngsters these days and there is a large proportion of them who wish to make a career out of them. This course is a combination of art, skills and science. People who take up photography as a career can opt for fashion, travel, gastronomic or event photography amongst many options available.

Where to pursue: –

– Mass Communication and Research Centre, Jaamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi

– The Light Of Light Academy, Ooty

4) Beauty and Wellness

Yet another emerging area of interest amongst many youngsters, it’s hard to deny that people do care about their general appearance and lifestyle today, more than they ever did previously. This is due to the ever increasing popularity of decorative body images, be it with the help of facial make up, or colorful nail art. To meet the rising demand, courses for the same have been introduced for those talented individuals who wish to make this field as their career.

Where to pursue: –

LTA School of Beauty(Pan India)

– Enrich Academy (Pan India)

5) Fashion Designing

Fashion and its knowledge is the new fad amongst many teenagers today. Like other courses, a bachelor’s degree in fashion designing would open up doors for prestigious masters programme in major international universities. A fashion designing graduate can be hired by major fashion barons ruling the haute couture industry or they can even start their own fashion designing studio. It is a well-respected profession of the contemporary times and has rapidly been increasing in popularity with no signs of turning back.

Where to pursue: –

– International Institute Of Fashion Design (INIFD), Mumbai

– JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai

Being a graduate of any vocational course guarantees sure shot job satisfaction due to the specialization factor is being taken into consideration. With a steep rise in the demand of vocational courses in India, it is hard to imagine that by how many students does the intake of these courses increases each year.


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