News Flash (2nd November 2020): Top 10 Stories Of The Day

transgender, Assam
Image Credits: Dailyhunt

‘Transgender’ category introduced in Assam’s civil exam application form

Assam Public Service Commission has incorporated the ‘transgender’ option in the gender category in the application form of the state civil and allied services examination, it received 42 applications in the category. Vice-Chairperson of Assam State Transgender welfare Board said, ‘’ Considering the Social and economic status of the community in the state, applications by 42 transgender in very good news.’’ 

‘Forest man of India’ story included in curriculum of US schools

Forest man of India, Assam
Image Credits: The Northeast Today

The story of ‘Forest Man of India’, Jadev Payeng, has been included in the curriculum of schools in Bristol in US’ Connecticut. Navamee Sharma, a teacher at a school in Bristol, said, ‘’The students are studying about Payeng as a part of their ecology lesson’’. Jadev from Assam began planting trees in his village in 1979 and raised a 550-hectare forest single-handedly.

India’s unemployment rate rose to 6.98% in October

India unemployment rate
Image Credits: Huffpost India

India’s October unemployment rate rose from 6.67% to 6.98% according to the data released by the private think-tank (CMIE) Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy. The urban unemployment rate was 7.15% whereas the rural rate was 6.90% in October. India’s unemployment rate during the COVID-19 lockdown period had peaked in April, reaching 23.52%.

Trump focused on feeding his ego, didn’t take pandemic seriously: Obama

Barack Obama
Image Credits: Unfold Times

Former US president Barack Obama said that President Trump was focused on ‘feeding his ego’ and didn’t take the pandemic seriously. He added, ‘’ Trump has treated the presidency as anything more than a reality show to give him the attention that he craves.’’ He further added, ‘’ Unfortunately, the rest of us have to live with the consequences.’’ 

Disney builds horrifying robot with life-like human gaze

Disney builds horrifying robot
Image Credits: Inceptive Mind

An interactive humanoid robot developed by Disney’s engineers is capable of human-like gaze behaviors. The robot can react to stimuli as well as to rapid mimic eye movements like humans while studying someone’s face. The robot is equipped with a chest-mounted sensor that allows it to face and identify the person it’s interacting with.

US plans to keep Chinese telcos out of 5G sector, 49 countries joined

5G sector
Image Credits: Zdnet

US’ ‘’Clean Network’’ initiative aims to limit the Chinese companies’ access to sectors like cloud computing and 5G mobile networks, Energy, Undersecretary for Economic Growth, and the Environment, Keith Krach said, nearly 49 countries have joined this initiative. The US has imposed restrictions on companies like Huawei, claiming that they’re linked to the Chinese Communist Party.

After pollution reviews, decision on cracker’s sale will be made: Ghaziabad admin

sale of crackers, Assam
Image Credits: BusinessWorld

The Ghaziabad district administration has informed that it will issue licenses for the temporary sale of crackers after reviewing pollution levels in the city. The DM said, ‘’An assessment of the situation will also be made by the UPPCB. If we allow licenses, there will be bursting of firecrackers well before Diwali and this will deteriorate the air quality further.’’

No effort will spare in providing level- playing field in e-comm: Govt

Image Credits: Inshorts

Som Parkash Union Minister has assured that the government will not make any efforts in maintaining a level-playing field in e-commerce. ‘’Violation of government policies will not be tolerated any more’’, he added when addressing the audience at the launch event of the logo of the upcoming e-commerce portal ‘BharatEMarket’.

Ritu Phogat wins her third successive MMA title

Ritu Phogat, MMA Title
Image Credits: MensXP

Wrestler-turned-Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter Ritu Phogat bagged her third straight MMA title with a knockout win over Cambodia’s Nou SreyPovat an event in Singapore. Ritu said, ‘’I feel ecstatic to have a hat-trick in my MMA career with this win.’’ She further added, ‘’I feel euphoric to be taking India to new heights in the MMA space.

Understand shock but violence not justified: Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron
Image Credits: News18

French President Emmanuel Macron said, ‘’ I can understand people could be shocked by Prophet Mohammed’s caricatures, but I’ll never accept that violence can be justified’’. This comes after the three people were killed at a church in Nice in an attack that Macron termed as ‘’Islamic terror’’. 


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