News Flash (2nd June 2020): Top 12 Stories Of The Day

CM Uddhav Thackeray
Image Credits: The Hindu

1. New academic session of schools to begin in June, says Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray 

Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray at a review meeting held with the school education department stated, “The academic year must start from June. Schools should be started, wherever possible, with proper healthcare. Education should start even through the online medium”. CM Uddhav Thackeray on Sunday said the schools of Maharashtra will begin their new academic session in the month of June with both offline and online options as preferred according to the situation then. CM Uddhav Thackeray also gave his approval for using the online teaching platforms, such as google platform as the country enters the fifth phase of the lockdown.

2. ‘Ultra Swachh’ developed by DRDO for disinfection of PPEs.

Ultra Swachh, DRDO
Image Credits: Republic World

A disinfection unit has been developed by The Defense Research Development Organization (DRDO) which is known as Ultra Swachh. The unit will be utilized to disinfect Personal Protective Equipment, fabrics, etc. Ultra Swachh will be using Ozonated Space Technology (an advanced oxidative process) to disinfect the PPEs. Ozone Sealant Technology that involves trapping of ozone will also be used by the unit. Ozone has the capacity to oxidize organic material, manganese, iron, etc. Ozone very rapidly oxidizes to form oxygen. The property will be used by Ultra Swachh unit to disinfect the PPEs.

3. ‘5Is’ stated important by PM for the development of India and making it ‘Atmanirbhar’

CM Uddhav Thackeray, PM Modi
Image Credits: Flipboard

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the yearly meeting of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) today through video conferencing. He talked on ‘Getting Development Back’ on 125th commemoration of CII. After Open 1 has been declared, this was the leader’s first significant discourse on angles identifying with the Indian economy. In the address, PM underlined 5 Is which are important to make India atmanirbhar and put it in a quick advancement way. He stated, “To bring India back on the way of a quick turn of events, 5 things are essential to manufacturing a confident India- Intent, Inclusion, Investment, Infrastructure, and Innovation. You will get a glimpse of all these in the bold decisions taken recently.”

4. Russia to hold a nationwide vote on constitutional reforms on July 1 says Putin

Image Credits: Voice Of America

Russian President Vladimir Putin declared Russia will hold an across-the-nation vote on sacred changes on July 1, which could expand Putin’s standard until 2036. The vote was initially set to be conducted on April 22, yet it was deferred due to coronavirus pandemic. The pace of Russia’s coronavirus outspread has eased back down, permitting the vote to be held, Putin said.

5. China will start looking for aliens with world’s largest radio telescope.

World's largest radio telescope, CM Uddhav Thackeray
Image Credits: Twitter

China’s 500-meter aperture spherical telescope will begin searching for signs of alien life in September, said chief scientist Zhang Tongjie. It authoritatively went live for general science in January. FAST has been the world’s largest single-opening radio telescope and comprises of 4,450 individual boards that examine the sky. 

6. Election Commission announces polls for 18 Rajya Sabha seats to be held soon

Image Credits: OneIndia

The polls for 18 Rajya Sabha seats have been announced by the Election Commission of India to be held on June 19 and the results will be declared the same day.  

The 18 seats are spread across Andhra Pradesh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Manipur, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Meghalaya. The election of 55 seats was to be held on March 26, however, 37 candidates have been elected without any contest.

7.  States that are leading India’s economic recovery from lockdown.

CM Uddhav Thackeray
Image Credits: The Logical Indian

A study done by Elara Securities shows five Indian states contributing almost 27% of the nation’s GDP are driving a recuperation in the economy as it gradually rises up out of the world’s greatest lockdown. Garima Kapoor, a business analyst at Elara Securities in Mumbai, wrote in a note that 5 states; Kerala, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Haryana and Karnataka have seen a pickup in action, in light of an examination of pointers, for example, power utilization, traffic development, the appearance of ranch items at discount markets and Google versatility information, Garima Kapoor, a business analyst at Elara Securities in Mumbai, wrote in a note.

8. India-China standoff may drag on as troops dig in.

The India-China standoff is probably going to delay through the summers, sources have said. As troops dig in on the two sides, India anticipates that this should keep going for quite a while. Now, the two sides are going head to head at four focuses — three focuses in Galwan, one at Galwan intersection or Patrol Point 14, PP 15 and Gogra PP 17. The fourth go head to head point is at Pangong Tso. India won’t move down on its infrastructure development, authorities said. Due to various conversations, it is additionally evident that India has shorter graceful lines than China and would have the option to hold out much better in case of an encounter.

9. Activities allowed in Mumbai, Pune and other parts of Maharashtra from 3 June

CM Uddhav Thackeray
Image Credits: Zee News

People in Maharashtra from Wednesday, June 3, you can step out to perform certain activities given below-

Outdoor permitted activities 

  • From 3 June, outside exercises like running, strolling, cycling is permitted at open and private parks, promenades, seashores, and different spots assigned for such exercises. Be that as it may, these should be in and around your territory of living arrangement—you won’t be permitted to drive most of the way across town to run at Marine Drive, for example.
  • No other outside physical movement is permitted. In this way, cricket matches or football match-ups are not permitted. No gathering exercises by any means. 
  • These activities are permitted only between 5 am to 7 pm.

Shops and other services- 

  • Shops can open from 9 am to 5 pm on a P1-P2 premise: in a path, shops on one-side can remain open on one day; the opposite side on the following. 
  • No preliminary rooms at any apparel shops–no trade of garments allowed either 
  • Individuals are being encouraged to discard vehicles and walk or cycle on the off chance that they have to go out to shop 
  • Carports would now be able to open, yet vehicles are to be taken with earlier arrangement 
  • Salons, spas are not permitted to open till 30th June 
  • Feasting out it still not allowed; shopping centers and film lobbies will stay shut 
  • Private workplaces can open from 8 June, however with just 10% of the workforce. 
  • Auto-rickshaws, cabs will be permitted yet just for fundamental administration staff.

10. Expansion of high-altitude weapon system by china shows its preparation for future conflicts

Image Credits: Free Press Kashmir

Since the Doklam stalemate with India in 2017, China’s military has extended its high-altitude arsenal of weapons to get ready for future clashes, state-run Worldwide Occasions revealed citing Chinese investigators. The state media report comes in the midst of a deadlock between the Indian and Chinese powers at the Line of Real Control. These weapons give China a bit of leeway in high-height regions, it included.

11. German palaeontologist discovers 2nd oldest fossil of a pregnant ichthyosaur

palaeontologist, pregnant ichthyosaur
Image Credits: Geology

German palaeontologist Martin Sander found the fossils of an ichthyosaur. The fossils have the proofs showing the extinct marine reptile was pregnant during its death. Due to the small vertebrae in the trunk, it is assumed that the reptile had atleast three foetuses. The 246-million-year-old ichthyosaur is the second-oldest pregnant specimen ever found.

12. We need ‘made in India’ products that are ‘made for the world’ says PM Modi.

Made In India, CM Uddhav Thackeray
Image Credits: New Indian Express

PM Modi, on Tuesday, during his address in the CII Annual Session 2020 said, “The country now needs to manufacture products which are ‘Made in India’ but are ‘Made for the World’.” Highlighting the increased expectations of the world from India, PM Modi said, “I would like to confidently say that we will definitely get our growth back.”


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