Coronavirus Lockdown Brought Back The Bygone Summer Vacations

summer vacations
Image Credits: Dreamstime

We, human beings are never satisfied with the current situations of our lives. It is in human nature how we never give a pause to our expectations and regret how the past could have been better. The example of this, we all know is, the greatest childhood desire humans have is to grow up rapidly and later as adults, wish to get back the childhood life. 

Like any other kid, I had my desired plans regarding my adulthood. It included having a nice job, earning, traveling and the list goes on. For the sake of pursuing my goals, I left home in my late teenage life. I began exploring, working, traveling, and got busy in no time. However, amidst this new busy life of mine, I started recalling the memory lane from childhood. The real trips now seemed like a trail that led me to the evocation of the trips with my family, where true fun resided in roaming about in open air and living in the moment rather than spending all the time clicking photographs. 

Years passed by, as mentioned above, I, like any other person wished to live those days once again. Being with family, eagerly waiting for summer vacations, to learn arts and play around. Summer vacations, for all of us, have been about mangoes, games, cousins, and playgrounds.

This pandemic, to a positive slant, is how my wishes took a road to realism. Summers are here, not like the usual times, they are not about exams this time. The quarantine period gave me my memories of summer vacations back. Maybe, not travelling to hill stations but relishing a hot cup of tea on the terrace makes the day peaceful now. This time some newly developed technologies made it possible for me and my cousins to play games in spite of being apart, gossip till late nights and share secrets. Further, the quarantine period brought out the chef in me that helped me satiate my food cravings. I finally progressed from being able to simply cook instant noodles. To add to the fun, dad also brought Alphonso mangoes and this chef’s mango mousse brought him back a wide smile. 

This summer vacation, I lived in the moment with no plans of future and no regrets of the past. Maybe, this pandemic, we all realized home is the best relaxing safe zone where all the problems definitely do vanish.


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