Add A Pinch Of Humor To Your Life

Image Credits: Good Times

Mark Twain said that “Humor is the great thing, the saving thing after all. The minute it crops up, all our hardness yields, all our irritations, and resentments flit away, and a sunny spirit takes their place.”

We have all been at a point in life where we are very angry or annoyed and then somebody cracked a joke which made us involuntarily and unwillingly smile and suddenly all the negative emotion which had consumed us begins to fade. This is the power of humor. A good sense of humor has the capability of changing our moods. This power is so strong that it can make us laugh in the most terrible and serious situations, even when we fight the smile with all the human force. Humour prompts laughter which in turn induces happiness. 

It is scientifically proven that humor can be a boost for our health, both mental and physical. Since it induces laughter, it becomes indirectly responsible for improving our cardiovascular system, lower high heart rates, and cure muscular tension. It acts as an excellent immune system for the mind since it keeps stress at bay. Re-narrating an upsetting or disappointing event in a humorous way can prevent the negative elements of such situations to cause depression. 

Humour has the potential to elevate the overall quality of life. Research has established that the people who crack jokes and have an eye to spot the funny things in life have better self-esteem, more control over anxiety, and perform better in social interactions. Everyone prefers to befriend and be around people who enjoy a fine sense of humor. So next time, think twice before you behave sulky because that might drive people away from you. Instead of being brood, smile, laugh, and spread happiness by adding a little humor. 

Humour completely changes the personality of an individual and makes him or her attractive. It has the potential to create everlasting impressions both in the professional world and personal life. It strengthens relationships and helps bond with people. Even the most difficult situation can be handled with ease if we are equipped with a sense of humor. If your cat pushes articles of the table causing them to fall and break, you can either be mad at the cat and scream at it, scaring the cat as well as upsetting yourself or you can laugh at the actions of the pet and shoot it while doing so and make a viral video starring your cat!

While some people are born with comic elements to enjoy life, others can develop them consciously. The trick to developing a good sense of humor is to look for fun in life. You can tell a few jokes, narrate funny incidences, look for absurdly silly situations and laugh yourself into stitches. Moreover, you should avoid taking yourself too seriously. The more important one thinks he is, the harder it becomes for him to laugh at himself. Once you get rid of the habit of taking yourself and your life situations with intense sobriety and earnestness, you’ll be able to laugh at yourself, your mistakes, and everyday life idiosyncrasies.

We often underestimate the most important element of our lives which is humor. While some of us are born with it, others can surely adopt as well as adapt it to make our lives more worthwhile and filled with amusement. 


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