News Flash (23rd September 2020): Top 10 Stories Of The Day

JEE Advanced
Image Credits: OfficeNewz

Candidates of JEE Advanced worried over allotment of centres far away from home

Many aspirants of JEE Advanced are worried that they will not be able to reach the centres due to the travel restrictions imposed in the country. JEE Advanced candidates have issued complaints that they have been allotted the least preferred centres. 

Google to provide free digital tools for education in Maharashtra

Google, free digital tools, education
Image Credits: Pinterest

Google has partnered with Maharashtra State Education Department and is going to provide digital tools for education for free. These services will help 2.3 crore teachers and students in the state. This should ease the learning process. 

Jeff Bezos introduces ‘Bezos Academy’, a free preschool for low- income groups

Jeff Bezos, Bezos Academy, JEE Advanced
Image Credits: Tech Xplore

The world’s richest man and Amazon founder, Jeff Bezoz has announced that he and his wife will be setting up a $2 billion fund to finance a network of nonprofit preschools. The tuition for the 3- 5 year olds attending will be free. Bezos says that “the child will be the customer”. He says that it is the first of many free preschools that he will be opening. 

World’s largest nuclear icebreaker starts journey to Arctic

World's largest nuclear icebreaker
Image Credits: Deccan Herald

“Arktika”’ a nuclear powered icebreaker has begun a two week journey from St. Petersburg and is travelling to the Arctic. It is Moscow’s  attempt to improve its commercial potential. It is believed to be the world’s largest and most powerful icebreaker. It can break ice almost three- metres thick. 

Serum Institute of India starts manufacture of potential COVID- 19 vaccine

Serum Institute, COVID-19 vaccine, JEE Advanced
Image Credits: DailyHunt

Serum Institute has started manufacture of the potential COVID- 19 vaccine of Codagenix Inc, a US biotech firm. Early stage human- trial is expected to begin by early 2020 in the UK. It will be administered nasally. 

Farm fires spotted in Punjab 

JEE Advanced
Image Credits: The Indian Express

Farmers set fire to crop residue as a quick and inexpensive way of going back to sowing seed again. NASA spotted them which suggests a public health crisis as winter approaches. Slow winds will bring these toxic clouds closer to inhabited areas. 

YouTube is now using human moderators over AI

YouTube, AI
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There was a surge in the taking down of videos by YouTube’s AI. The technology did not work and these take downs were inaccurate. They plan on bringing back human moderators.  

Microsoft announces the launch of a system to detect biological threats

Image Credits: GeekWire

Microsoft’s Premonition is a robotics and sensor platform for monitoring and sampling disease carriers. This system will be able to monitor system outbreaks. As of now they are focusing on diseases transmitted by mosquitoes.

Deadline for climate change shown on a clock in New York

Deadline for climate change
Image Credits: Mashable

An elaborate clock called “The Passage,” which showcases the time left to take action against climate change has been unveiled in New York. If earth’s temperatures rise by 1.5 degrees, we will be subjected to a number of calamities and humanity has only a little over seven years to save itself. 

‘Cloud Paper’ backed by Ashton Kutcher and Robert Downey Jr.

Cloud Paper, Ashton Kutcher, Robert Downey Jr.
Image Credits: Built In Seattle

‘Cloud Paper’ founded by Ryan Fritsh and Autin Watkins, is a bamboo based toilet paper. Regular toilet paper requires massive deforestation. Bamboo is a more environmentally friendly option as it grows at a very fast rate. This incentive to save the environment drew in high profile investors. 


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