New Year Spectacles!


As the world gears up to welcome 2013, Vatsala Chhibber tells you about the best new year celebrations across the world. Which one would you like to attend?





Where: Sydney, Australia
What’s spectacular: The magnificent fireworks display at the Sydney Harbour serves as a grand inauguration for New Year celebrations. Although countries like New Zealand welcome the new year before Australia, Sydney sets the ball rolling for celebrations around the world. The midnight fireworks are also telecast and watched by more than a billion viewers annually. So if you’re heading to Sydney, make sure you dress stylish. The world is watching.

Where: Madrid, Spain
What’s spectacular: This unique tradition for good luck is carried out in Madrid’s popular Puerta del Sol square. At midnight, the thousands gathered eat 12 grapes in 12 seconds (it’s not as easy as it sounds), one for every time the tower clock chimes. But this is just the beginning of the party for Spaniards who then shift their attention from grapes to wine and head to popular clubs and bars.



Where: Times Square, New York
What’s spectacular: You’ll be witnessing the famous ‘ball drop’ with more than a million spectators in the heart of New York City. Every year, at 11:59 pm on December 31st, an animated video countdown begins on three large screens at Times Square. Then, at midnight, the brightly lit crystal ball is dropped from a height of 77 feet to signify the beginning of the new year. Also, live music performances are held by popular artists such as Lady Gaga, Cee Lo Green, Pitull, Justin Beiber, etc. However, this grand celebration comes at a price of $ 235 dollars for a single pass.

Where: London, United Kingdom
What’s spectacular: The new year is welcomed with a stunning eight-minute long display of fireworks at the London Eye. The best vantage point for this visual extravaganza is Westminster Bridge, although one can enjoy a perfectly good view from nearby rooftops as well. You can also carry forward the festivities to the next day by witnessing the annual ‘New Year’s Day Parade’ hosted by the city on 1st January.

Where: Honolulu, Hawaii
What’s spectacular: Hawaii is one of the last places in the world to welcome the new year. So if you’re having a great year and want to hold on to it a little longer, head to Waikiki beach in Honolulu. From hula hooping on the beach to enjoying a luxurious cruise, you can custom-make your celebrations in Hawaii. This destination is a popular choice with many celebrities as well. In fact, last year US President Obama celebrated New Year’s Eve with his First Lady at Waikiki beach.





In South America, people looking for love wear red underwear while those looking for prosperity wear yellow underwear.

In the Philippines, people consider anything round-shaped to be lucky (since that is the shape of coins). Therefore, for a prosperous future, they eat round food such as grapes and wear clothes with polka dots.

The tradition of kissing a loved one at midnight is said to strengthen your bond in the coming year. The person you kiss at midnight is the person you want to
kiss all year long.

In Denmark, people break plates on their neighbour’s front door. The more  broken plates outside your door, the more friends you have.


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